Oisterwijk News: “End-of-Life and Mourning in Dementia Discussed at Alzheimer Cafe Oisterwijk”

The next Alzheimer’s Café meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 21. The theme that will be discussed is ‘End of life and grief in dementia’.

Guest speaker is Iris Rens, dementia case manager. With dementia, saying goodbye and grieving begins long before the end of life. A constant accumulation of different kinds of loss. For yourself if it happens to you, for you as a loved one or as another person involved. Little by little, the person someone once was is said goodbye. What can you encounter in the grieving process and how can you deal with it? Of course, in addition to discussing these questions, there is also plenty of room to talk to each other.

Come and listen and join the conversation at the Alzheimer café

The Alzheimer Café is a meeting place for people with dementia, young and old, for relatives, friends, help and service providers and other interested parties. Fellow sufferers can mean a lot to each other, they recognize what the other is going through and what this means for him or her. The support that those present give each other is of great value, and those present go home with a satisfied feeling.

Walk-in from 7.30 pm. Duration program from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm. Location De Coppele, Prunusstraat 69, Oisterwijk. Registration is not necessary.

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