Number of coronavirus infections rises to more than 20,000

The number of confirmed infections and deaths from the corona virus has skyrocketed again in China. According to the Chinese health authority, there were 20,438 confirmed illnesses up to Tuesday – 3,225 new cases compared to the lecture. The death toll rose by 64 to 425.

It is the largest increase in novel coronavirus infections and deaths in one day. All new deaths have been recorded in the central Chinese province of Hubei. Hubei is the center of the epidemic, the virus had started from the metropolis of Wuhan. The Chinese authorities have largely cordoned off the province from the outside world.

Because of the corona virus, however, Japan quarantined a cruise ship. TV pictures showed how health officials boarded the “Diamond Princess” in the port of Yokohama. You should check the health of all 2,500 passengers and 1,000 crew members. The suspicion that people on board could be infected with the pathogen was raised because of an 80-year-old passenger who had left the ship in Hong Kong a few days earlier. The authorities in the Chinese Special Administrative Region tested it positive for the virus.

On Monday, the Chinese leadership admitted mistakes in dealing with the epidemic for the first time in an unusual step in view of the rapidly increasing number of contagions. The ruling Communist Party’s Politburo Standing Committee said, according to Xinhua State News Agency, that the response to the epidemic has revealed errors and difficulties in national emergency management.

Outside of China, around 180 cases have been confirmed in around two dozen countries worldwide. So far there have been no confirmed cases in Austria. More people have died from the new lung disease in mainland China than from the SARS pandemic 17 years ago.



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