‘Now you can get to work faster’: the buses

Shaina Plaza uses the bus that crosses 31st Street and Astoria Blvd. every day, and no matter how early she got up, the buses took a long time to reach her train station.

With the new exclusive bus line, he says he gets to work on time.

“It’s a good thing they did because now you can get to your work faster, to your train faster, because usually before the cars got between the buses, between the lines they didn’t let them pass, it was very difficult and one was late, “explained Plaza.

After cutting the ribbon, the city’s transport commissioner, Ydanis Rodríguez, inaugurated this unique bus line that runs along 21st Street in Astoria, Queens, and is used by 29,000 users per day. In total, 3.5 miles of priority.

“We will continue to redesign dangerous roads and continue to create bus lines … to make sure that New Yorkers and the middle, upper and lower classes continue to have safe lines by adding more bus lines,” the commissioner said.

Under the law in effect since 2019, New York must add 150 miles of dedicated bus lines and 250 miles of bike paths within 5 years. However, they only advanced a quarter of that goal, according to data from defenders of bus users and cyclists.

“@Nycmayor is committed to ensuring fairness in everything we do, including the bus service that best serves working-class New Yorkers. The changes to 21st Street will not only make buses faster and more reliable for thousands of passengers, they will also help us make this road safer, ”the Department of Transportation said in a social media message quoting Commissioner Rodriguez.

“So far 140 miles of buses have been built in all administrations, this administration plans to build 150 miles in the next 4 years, we continue to do everything possible,” added Commissioner Rodríguez.

“We have to understand that we are from the pandemic… we are leaving and whether you like it or not, people were confined. What they are doing is fine … I like the express line, we move faster and reach our destination faster, ”said bus user Roosevelt Ramos.

As for cycle paths, a report shows that only 32 miles of the promised 250 miles have been built so far in 2022.

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