North Korea Threatens to Destroy US Spy Satellites, Launches Military Spy Satellite into Space


North Korea (Jewelry) threatens the United States’ spy satellites if anything. North Korea has stressed it will destroy US spy satellites in any attack on its space assets.

Reported by AFP, Saturday (2/12/2023), North Korea conveyed this threat after Pyongyang launched its first military spy satellite into space last week.

According to a statement carried by North Korea’s official news agency, a North Korean Defense Ministry spokesman said it would consider the US action a “declaration of war”.

Statement Jewelry it comes after a US official said that Washington “can counter enemy space capabilities… using a variety of reversible and irreversible means”, referring to North Korea’s successful launch of a spy satellite in late November.

It is known that US Space Command spokesperson Sheryll Klinkel told Radio Free Asia this week that the US military could weaken the “effectiveness and lethality of enemy forces in all domains”.

Pyongyang later threatened to “destroy” US spy satellites if Washington “tries to violate the legitimate territory” of North Korea, referring to its satellite program.

If the United States attempts to violate its space rights, a spokesperson for the Department of Defense North Korea said his country “will consider taking responsive measures in self-defense to weaken or destroy the viability of US spy satellites”.

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2023-12-02 15:16:16
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