Messages and Wisdom from Michael Todd for Navigating New Energies and Dimensions

New energies bathe the planet, introduce us to new dimensions and new information is transmitted to us to navigate the journey of the new life. Here are answers from Michael Todd, light worker and messenger from the higher realms.

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Here is the message of the day for your clarity from Michael Todd

Some of you are anointed by God, you know that you are anointed by God, you see that others also know that you are anointed by God, and therefore you become arrogant.

Not all of you who are anointed become arrogant, but some do and that’s why you allow yourself to play with things/people that can destroy you because you believe that nothing can bring you down. You do things that God told you not to do, you cross the boundaries that God said not to cross, and you end up losing the extraordinary power that was given to you by being anointed by God.

You believe that nothing can bring you down, because God has given you powers much greater than others, you are playing with fire again and again and it will burn you.

That’s what Samson did with Delilah and you can see where he ended up.

My pastor once told me: it’s not about fasting from time to time, it’s about making your life a fast, in the sense of not letting yourself be led by the desires of the flesh, but letting yourself be led of divine guidance. Because if you don’t, being anointed by God will make you arrogant and that will lead to your downfall.

For years you will enjoy all the benefits of being anointed by God and having greater powers than others, but at some point you will lose everything, because somewhere along the way you lost your humility, you thought you were invincible and you got/kept people/relationships/situations/things in your life that you thought you could control, but they destroyed you. (Michael Todd)

Humanity is going through unprecedented times. We are in the midst of a process of change through which we detach ourselves from a world as we have always known it and a new world is being built under our eyes in which our functioning will be from the space and energy of the heart and less of the mind. If you live in these times on Earth, it means that your soul has chosen to participate in this unique phenomenon by which the vibration of the planet increases and automatically everything changes – actions, behaviors, patterns, thoughts, emotions. All must be of a higher vibration, compatible with that of the light codes that have bathed the Earth for at least 2 years now. Why have many experienced and are experiencing profound existential crises on a personal, professional, relational, and identity level? Why do many of us feel lost, without direction, while others travel the road with ease? This daily article aims to bring answers and a bit more clarity – as much as we have access to at this moment. Source:

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Article date: 02/12/2023

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