Nonthaburi has 2 additional cases of COVID. The latest timeline Work From Home does not yet know the source of infection.

Action Center COVID-19 Nonthaburi Province Situation report COVID-19 Nonthaburi Province, January 20, 2021 Found 2 additional confirmed patients

Total of 159 new confirmed cases, treatment (new round), recovered 130 people, 29 in the hospital

Today, 2 more patients are 1 proactive search patient and 1 reactive at the hospital.

Timeline 274 patient (158th case of new outbreak) Nonthaburi Province is a 38-year-old male occupation of a minibus driver. Running between Wat Pho Thong Bon – Pak Kret Market Went to check for infection because there are market sellersHoroscopeInfected glass, known to infectious effectsCOVID-19 on 19 Jan 64 from proactive search Within Duangkaew Market No more infected person yet

275th case timeline (159th case of the new outbreak) Is a 24-year-old woman living at Work From Home from January 5, 64 has traveled to the Nonthaburi Municipality Market. Chao Phraya Market The Mall Ngamwongwan And went to Bamrasnaradura Institute Started to get sick on 17 Jan ’64 headaches and snot then on 19 Jan ’64 went to get tested at a private hospital in Nonthaburi Province.COVID-19 On 20 Jan 64, the source of infection is being investigated.

Timeline of Case 275 (Case 159 of the new outbreak) Nonthaburi Province


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