Nintendo is criticized by the Consumer Council. Once again, the control lever on the Switch is the core of the battle

The Consumer Council is critical of that Nintendo has not improved the controllers in the new OLED version of the Nintendo Switch. Over 1600 Norwegian buyers complained about the inspectors in the previous version, the Consumer Council announced.

In January 2021 The Consumer Council and the European consumer organization BEUC complained to Nintendo before the European Commission as a result of faults in the controllers of the Nintendo Switch game console.

The error is that the joysticks on the joystick detect movement even if it is not touched, which makes it impossible to use the controller precisely enough to use the device as intended.

A total of 25,000 complaints from across Europe were sent to the European Commission. Nintendo denied responsibility.

Documented that nothing has been done

The independent repair and test website iFixit has now documented that the problems related to so-called “Joy Con-drift” still exists.

– We are disappointed that Nintendo has not done anything about the weakness when the Switch comes in a new version. This means that consumers who buy the new console must be aware of the error that may occur in the product they buy, says senior legal adviser Thomas Iversen in the Consumer Council.

– This is not only simply treatment of own customers, but also has an obvious negative environmental side of a number of inspectors that must be repaired or discarded.

Nintendo has replied that «Joy-Con controller configuration and functionality did not change with Nintendo Switch (OLED model)». When asked directly by the Consumer Council whether this also included the presence of “Joy Con” operations, Nintendo referred to the same statement.

Also on its website, Nintendo points out that the controllers are identical.

Right to free repair

Consumers are entitled to free repair or a new item free of charge when the controller has manufacturing defects. It is the seller who is responsible for fixing the errors, while the consumer is free to choose to complain directly to the seller or importer. For Nintendo Switch, the Norwegian importer is Bergsala AS.

– We recommend everyone who experiences errors in their hand controllers to complain about this as soon as the error occurs. If you wait too long, it can be “game over” considering your rights, says Thomas Iversen.

– We expect the sellers and the importer to have good and simple routines for handling complaints. This is expensive electronics with a weakness that becomes more prominent during use.

There are many videos online where consumers can try to fix their controllers themselves. This could potentially lead to you losing the opportunity to claim a free repair. Of course, this does not apply to manufacturers who encourage the user to repair or upgrade their devices themselves, such as Framework with his laptop and Fairphone with its lot of smartphones.

– Although we are very positive that things should be repaired, the risk is great that the consumer can damage his controller by trying a repair himself. We recommend leaving this to the seller or manufacturer, who has a workshop for such.

If you experience problems with the controllers and do not reach an agreement with the seller or importer, the case can be taken to free mediation at the Norwegian Consumer Agency.

Valve has a completely different attitude with its Steam Deck

Nintendo’s reluctance to take responsibility for manufacturing errors and consumer problems stands in stark contrast to the attitude of Valve, which has announced a competing product with its Steam Deck.

In a video they just released on YouTube, they discuss exactly how to take the device apart.

While Valve has repeatedly pointed out that you should not do this if you do not know what you are doing, they also specify that in the future they will sell a range of spare parts to consumers who want to fix their Steam Deck on their own. . This includes the joystick that corresponds to the one Nintendo is having trouble with.



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