Nightly event | A statement of Corona injuries and deaths, and a video revealing the details of the situation

6:00 AM

Sunday 04 October 2020

Last night, and until the early hours of Sunday morning, witnessed many important events at the local and international levels, the most prominent of which were the following:

“Decline” … Health announces the Corona statement today, Saturday

The Ministry of Health and Population announced, on Saturday, that 131 recoverers of the Coronavirus have been discharged from hospitals, after receiving the necessary medical care and recovery according to the guidelines of the World Health Organization, bringing the total of those recovering from the virus to 97,274 cases.
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Saudi Arabia receives the first 6 thousand pilgrims registered in “Aumrah”

The Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah received early Sunday morning the first pilgrims from inside the Kingdom, which includes 6 thousand pilgrims after permitting the performance of Umrah and the visit gradually according to four stages, while taking the necessary health precautionary measures, and in response to the aspiration of many Muslims at home and abroad to perform Umrah and visit rituals.
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The Minister of Education reveals the evaluation mechanism in the transfer years during the new academic year

Dr. Tariq Shawky, Minister of Education and Technical Education, revealed the evaluation mechanism in the transfer years during the new academic year.
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Minister of Higher Education: Egypt is still in the first wave of Corona virus

Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education, said that Egypt is still in the first wave of the Corona virus, pointing out that there is a need to wear a muzzle and take care of social distancing to avoid infection and not to a jump in the number of infections.
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“Cairo Education”: the lowering of the minimum level to coordinate high school admission to achieve the principle of equal opportunities

Mohamed Attia, Director of the Education Directorate in Cairo, confirmed that the decision of Khaled Abdel Aal, the governor of Cairo, to drop the minimum degree for the general secondary admission coordination for the academic year 2020/2021 from 244 to 236 degrees came to achieve the principle of equal opportunities in departments in which there are spaces only according to the circumstances of each School and its quality.
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Former Dean of the Heart Institute: “Hookah” caused the return of tuberculosis in Egypt after its disappearance

Dr. Sherif Abdel-Hadi, a cardiothoracic surgeon and former dean of the Heart Institute, said that the use of hookah has huge negative effects on the health of those who use it and those who are exposed to smoke coming out of it, explaining that it reduces the percentage of oxygen in the blood, because of the coal that carbon monoxide comes out of, adding: The harm of hookah to humans is more than the harm of regular cigarettes … Consuming one molasses stone is equivalent to smoking 20 cigarettes.
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Because of the Tramadol, the Supreme Administrative Council rejects the appeal of a candidate for the Parliament elections in the Imbaba district

The Supreme Administrative Court ruled to reject the appeal lodged by one of the candidates for membership in the House of Representatives for the Imbaba district, which he instituted to challenge his exclusion from the Parliament election race, due to his abuse of tramadol.
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Scientists identify the main carriers of the Corona epidemic

A study prepared by specialists from American universities, Princeton and California, as well as Johns Hopkins University, found that children and youth play the largest role in the spread of Corona virus infection in the world.
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Corona in the Arab world: the curve of injuries and deaths has decreased … and the UAE is close to 100,000 cases

The curve of new infections and deaths of the new Corona virus “Covid-19” witnessed a decline in the Arab countries, yesterday, October 3, after 13 thousand and 684 new infections were recorded, with which the total number of infected people increased to one million and 703 thousand and 986 cases, while the epidemic claimed the lives of 186 new people , To reach the death toll to 30,358 deaths, according to the Johns Hopkins University index.
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Trump is infected with Corona virus … contradictory statements about the health condition of the American president

Doctors of US President Donald Trump say he is in “very good” condition in hospital after being diagnosed with Covid-19 disease, but their version is in dispute.
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Trump in a new video reveals the details of his health

US President Donald Trump said that when he went to the Military Medical Center, he was feeling exhausted and tired as a result of his infection with the Coronavirus.
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The United Kingdom records 12,872 new cases of coronavirus

The United Kingdom recorded 12,872 new cases of coronavirus during the past 24 hours, according to Bloomberg News.

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White House Chief of Staff: Trump is not lying in bed and his vital signs are good

The White House chief of staff confirmed that he had met US President Donald Trump several times.
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Coronavirus cases in Italy have risen to more than 2,800 in one day

On Saturday, Italy announced the registration of 2,844 new cases of the new Coronavirus during the past 24 hours, confirming an alarming upward trend in the number of infections.
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