Governor gave prosthetics to 40 powerful breast cancer survivors

Within the framework of breast cancer prevention and awareness month, the Governor of the Atlantic, Elsa Noguera, delivered 40 woven breast prostheses to women survivors of this disease, with the aim of motivating them to undertake new projects and empowerment goals in means of your recovery.

“I am very grateful for this invitation to be part of this beautiful initiative for our powerful women. Each of the women who are part of this event had to face, at some point in their lives, health difficulties, but despite this they see the future with hope and optimism, so we wanted to honor them and contribute, with a small action , to their entire process of physical and emotional healing ”, stated the Governor.

The delivery took place at the #Poderosa event, organized by the Department of Women and Gender Equity Department, with the Finsocial Foundation and the Viajeros de Corazón organization, who gathered in the Crystal Cube of the Plaza de la Paz more than 50 women “Fighters, enterprising and brave”.

According to the Governor, the objective of the donation was to empower and inspire women who have suffered breast cancer in the department, for which, prior to the delivery, three special panels were held in which 11 women spoke, from her experience, about femininity, entrepreneurship and self-improvement.

“Without a doubt, with this donation, these women will be more empowered and that is what we need, because in the post-pandemic, where nothing is certain about tomorrow, more resilient women are required, capable of quickly adapting to changes in the world. and their priorities ”, added the president.

The Secretary for Women and Departmental Gender Equity, Doris Bolívar, explained that the woven prostheses were donated by the ‘Stronger than we know’ foundation, located in the state of Florida, United States, and today it is led by a Colombian breast cancer survivor who, through the Viajeros del Corazón movement, brought the prostheses to the country and the beneficiaries, together with the Finsocial Foundation.

However, the Secretary assured that the delivery of the prostheses was the “excuse” to highlight the power, strength, resilience and survival of many women in the department who go through a health process as difficult as breast cancer.

In this, María Claudia García agreed, who assured that the purpose was to bring a new entrepreneurial energy to the surviving women. And it is that, during the event, the protagonists were the words of encouragement and self-love, to which the Governor, Elsa Noguera, added, who invited the survivors to dare to dream big and follow her example of not allowing her health condition is limiting.

The Governor addressing the assistants.

Women are brave and we dare, regardless of fear. Our Atlantic women are boars, so today the message I want to leave you is never let problems lower your spirits, but always be convinced that it is possible and that the obstacles and barriers that come our way will be turn into opportunities to be better human beings every day ”, the Governor added.

Among those invited to send an inspiring message to the survivors were: Valeria Charris, queen of the Carnival of Barranquilla 2022; Geraldine Quiroz, Miss Atlántico 2021; Elena Barbosa, a doctor specializing in gynecology, obstetrics and genital aesthetics; Silvia Cayón Ayub, director of the Procaps Foundation; Diana Peláez, director of the Scholas Foundation; Emelie Jiménez, makeup artist and beauty expert; Loretta Sterling Palomino, journalist and entrepreneur; and the presenter Rosa María Corcho.

Angie Cuello, breast cancer survivor and liaison between the beneficiaries and the Viajeros de Corazón organization, assured that “The powerful women who attended enjoyed an afternoon with testimonies full of love to feed their self-love and the recognition of their body to receive that new part that adds life to them, because it can be done.”

One of the survivors, Eloisa Orozco, thanked, with a smile on her face, for having received the Governor’s prosthetic hands, but, above all, for the possibility of knowing inspiring and strengthening visions in the face of the process that she has been going through for eight years. , when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

“This is super cool, because I haven’t met other women who have been through the same thing for a long time. The pandemic kept us hidden due to our medical history, but today I felt regal. I thank the Government of Atlántico, the Finsocial Foundation and Viajeros de Corazón for this space. I think that everyone is proud to have a new breast and to remember that cancer is not synonymous with death ”, Eloisa Orozco said.



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