Nezavisimaya Gazeta: Lukashenko is really preparing for war

Alexander Lukashenko reiterated the thesis that there are enemies everywhere and made several sensational statements. According to him, the enemies of Russia and Belarus are preparing for an armed conflict and have organized the situation with migrants to divert the attention of the Belarusian military. He said he was ready to fight Ukraine on Russia’s side in Donbas if “attacked again,” the Russian newspaper Nezavisimaya Gazeta commented.

The hybrid war against Belarus threatens to turn into a heated military conflict, Lukashenko said at a meeting at the Belarusian Defense Ministry. “At the end of last year, I warned you that a hybrid war had begun against us in almost every direction. We have reached a heated confrontation, “he said. At the meeting, Lukashenko discussed a plan to “respond to the armed forces to possible unfriendly and aggressive steps towards Belarus,” FOCUS reports.

“Exactly the armed forces. “Not only the army, but also the Ministry of Interior, the border troops, the State Security Committee,” he said.

As has been said, Belarus’s enemies are not only in neighboring countries. He is convinced that the country is an active and important military-political player in the region. “I want those present here to learn one thing: the situation around Belarus cannot be considered in isolation from what is happening in the Black Sea basin, the issues related to Ukraine, Poland and the Baltic countries.” We are a link in this common chain, “he said.

As for the neighboring countries, referring to the Russian Ministry of Defense, he said that they are already “training bombing”, practicing a nuclear strike against Russia and moving troops to the Belarusian borders. “This is not in vain, there is something behind it,” Lukashenko said. Ukraine is preparing for war. “Belarus sees exercises being conducted in Ukraine under the code name ‘Polesie,'” Lukashenko said.

During the meeting, he made a sensational statement that if necessary, he is ready to fight in Donbass. “If they (the western enemies of Belarus and Russia) start a war again in Donbass or somewhere on the border with Russia, Belarus will not stay away. And it is clear whose side Belarus will be on, “he said.

This whole story with the migrants on the western border, he said, was also unleashed for some reason. This is a diversionary maneuver, Lukashenko is sure. “They understand perfectly well: if only Ukraine tries to unleash a conflict with Russia, Belarus will not stay aside, so the Belarusian army must be restrained, tense on the western borders (Latvia, Lithuania, Poland) and in the south – by strengthening the Ukrainian border, ”he explained to his enemies.

The enemy does not neglect anything in the implementation of its insidious plans, Alexander Lukashenko was indignant. “In this migration crisis, scoundrels have ended up killing people. “They dumped a corpse at our border last night and found another corpse tonight,” he said. “Well, imagine these are the Democrats. What an abomination you have to reach in order to kill people and throw them into the neighboring territory “, the leader of Belarus was indignant.

Lukashenko is sure that he does not aggravate the situation and “does not dramatize”. “I warn the military: we must have an adequate response to every possible gesture,” he ordered, instructing the defense minister and the chief of staff of the armed forces to draw up a “response plan for possible aggression and illegal actions against Belarus.”

Meanwhile, Alexander Lukashenko recalled that he would still like to have a dialogue with these opponents, although the impression remains that he himself no longer believes in this. “If anyone wants to talk to us like peaceful people, please come from today. We are ready to talk. But if someone comes to us with a sword or a pistol, we have something to answer, “he said.

Another “sin” was added to the accusations that Poland was unfriendly to Belarus. Mr Lukashenko has accused Poland of intending to destroy the European Union with US help. “You can see that these Polish scoundrels have already stepped aside. And yesterday we noticed where Moravecki (Mateusz Morawiecki, Prime Minister of Poland – NG) went – in Great Britain. “I’m sure you see that within a year or two they want to destroy the European Union at the suggestion of America,” he said.

Experts, commenting on Lukashenko’s statements as before, say in the first place that his main goal is to mobilize and keep his supporters in constant tension. “The migration conflict is lost, but the need for escalation has not gone anywhere. Therefore, the next stage: extortion with a real war “, writes the political observer Igor Ilyash on this issue.

The expert draws attention not only to the fact that Belarus is publicly renouncing its previously declared neutrality, but in fact says it is ready to attack. “In fact, it has been publicly announced that in the event of a major war between Russia and Ukraine, Belarus will side with Moscow. And since everyone understands perfectly well that Ukraine obviously cannot attack Russia, let’s translate this message even more precisely: if necessary, Belarus is ready to support a new stage of Russian aggression against Ukraine, “said Igor Ilyash in his account. in the social network.

However, the expert is not sure that behind these allegations lies a real desire for real military action. “On the one hand, the regime is blackmailing the West, on the other hand, it is seeking Putin’s favor with such dedicated statements,” he told the closest addressees of official Minsk’s sensational statements. “The problem is that such statements are dangerous in themselves. Not all conflicts start because someone really wants a war and has been planning it for a long time. It often happens differently: politicians recklessly launch a spiral of escalation, which begins to develop contrary to the intentions of the authors, obeying only their own logic. If you rattle with your weapon for a very long time, sooner or later it will start firing, “the expert summed up.

“I have the impression that Lukashenko is experimenting with Belarusians: ‘Let’s organize a migrant crisis and let’s fight Ukraine if a war breaks out in Donbass. How will you react? What are you going to do to me? “Political scientist Valery Karbalevich told the President of Belarus.” Towards the end of his political life, this man stopped playing with populism, stopped thinking about how to please the population and was left alone. ” According to the expert, even Lukashenko’s supporters are unlikely to like such an initiative, Valery Karbalevich said, but at the same time he does not rule out that everything Lukashenko said could happen.



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