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News item – In Chartres, the prefect closes the MK Coiffure salon for a month, for hidden work

The MK Coiffure salon, located rue aux Ormes, in Chartres, has been closed since November 15, 2023. Three small signs announce a closure for work.

An administrative closure has been decided by the prefect of Eure-et-Loir for a period of four weeks. And the manager has the obligation to display this order on the main entrance door of his establishment for the duration of the closure.

The sign indicates a closure for works.

Stolen scooter returned

The prefectural sanction comes after an analysis of the file from an inspection carried out on October 26, 2023. Agents from Urssaf, the prefecture and police officers from the financial brigade of the Chartres police station had invaded the premises and noted the presence of two men in work situations.

Search in a hair salon in Chartres: an unqualified manager, undocumented workers

One was of Tunisian nationality, born in 1986, the other of Moroccan nationality, born in 2001. The Tunisian held a hairdressing diploma. The two employees were not declared by the operator and were in an irregular situation on French territory.

“This situation, constituting the establishment of an offense for illegal work, motivated the immediate administrative closure of the establishment for a period of four weeks,” indicates the prefect, in a press release.

Employment of illegal foreigners: the prefect of Eure-et-Loir closes the O’Relais restaurant for 12 weeks

During this check, the police counted €3,500 in the cash register, without this sum being able to be justified by documents. The salon manager was taken into police custody, then released the next day.

The scooter stolen in the Paris region, discovered in the living room during this check, belonged to one of the two foreigners in an illegal situation. He bought it for €650 on a website. It was returned to its owner.

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