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New York City Prepared for Historic Snowfall with Largest Number of Agency Employees in 25 Years and 700 Salt Spreading Trucks

Lidia Castillo worked during the night, early this Saturday she was waiting for the Q33 bus to take her home and take shelter.

“I’ve already done everything I had to do, I’m going home to rest with a shovel near the house to be able to remove the snow, if a lot of snow falls, but generally I’ve already taken my foresight and I’m already there.” to my house,” he says.

Many others however will have to work this weekend, just as thousands of city sanitation workers are ready to clear any accumulation of snow.

The city’s emergency management office has declared a weather alert and has indicated that never before in history have they been as prepared as this time, as they have the largest number of agency employees in 25 years, as well as more than 700 salt spreading trucks.

And since there hasn’t been snow in so long, they have 700 million pounds of salt to clear the streets and highways.

“But generally they always do it when it snows and they prepare the streets well and good. And people also have to be conscious of cleaning their sidewalks,” says Viviana Patricia Valderrama, a public transportation user.

Likewise, the MTA has also indicated that they are ready to clean the rails of the trains and all stations.

They have prepared to spread salt, clear frozen platforms and stairs, and keep signals clear and operational.

However, they have suggested that users leave early for their jobs in case of delays, something that Victor Rogelio Xocxajil also recommends:

“My advice would be to go out for an hour, if you make a holy hour, one more hour before would be two to be cautious, take precautions, not slip and get to work on time.”

Authorities also recommend drivers reduce speed when driving their cars.

New Yorkers have not seen snowfall with significant accumulations in nearly 700 days.

We haven’t seen snow in two years.

“Yes, yes, I miss it, really. I miss it because I love the snow. It’s very pretty. It’s part of the nature of that season. And well, I think it will be very pleasant to see it again,” comments Viviana Patricia Valderrama, usurer. of public transport

– Are you going to take shelter at home?

“Surely so, with plenty of food and with my family in the house,” answers Lidia Castillo.

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