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Original title: New Year’s Eve drama “Golden Years” swept the circle of friends, netizens: finally no longer friends tearing scripts!

Recently, the TV series “Golden Years” co-starred by Liu Shishi and Ni Ni was launched, focusing on the growth and struggle of women and sparking a wave of hot topics in the New Year. “The Golden Years” is adapted from Yi Shu’s novel of the same name published in 1987. It tells about the precious friendship between Zhu Suosuo and Jiang Nansun in Hong Kong in the 70s and 80s, and their mutualSupportThe story of growth.

The TV series changed the scene to modern Shanghai, and soon screened the circle of friends, which caused netizens to sigh: finally it is no longer the heroine tearing the script!

  TV series adaptation: Girls can finally succeed without “tearing each other”

The urban drama “My First Half of My Life”, which was popular in previous years, was also adapted from Yi Shu’s original work. From “The First Half of My Life” to “The Golden Years”, although TV series have drastically adapted and almost become brand-new stories, the core display of female emotion and female independence spirit has always been throughout.

“The First Half of My Life” always tells the story of Luo Zijun growing up as an independent business woman after his divorce.The TV series “Golden Years” is retained and strengthened

The core of “female friendship” and “female power” no longer uses “girlfriends to tear each other” as an eye-catching and topical point.

“Golden Years” casts its perspective on women, not justborrowUsing the factors of youth and love, the show seems to want to explore more, from the girl’s ignorance to the stepping intosocietyWhat kind of changes and turmoil should be experienced in the post-independence side? This seems to coincide with the current situation of modern women’s life and growth difficulties; and the friendship between Jiang Nansun and Zhu Suosuo also aptly hits the proposition of women’s common support and shared happiness.

Tang Jing and Luo Zijun in “The First Half of My Life”, they may be troubled, lost, and painful for their romantic life, but they can also quickly come out of the shadow of broken love, return to the workplace, and return to their own place. They are independentconfidence, Brave and decisive, is the representative of women in the new era.

In “The Golden Years”

It further shows us the appearance of contemporary women.Faced with the sudden change in material life and the suicide of her father, Jiang Nansun, who was “pampered” in the past, resolutely carried on the familyresponsibility

Zhu Suosuo, who has been “being under the fence”, has gone through hardships, and has never lost the motivation to strive for progress and pursue a new life, and finally strives to get out of the mud of the old life. The friendship between the two is even more touching. There is no so-called jealousy and trampling, no vulgar love triangle, and some just sympathy between friends. Through the vicissitudes of life, they transformed into mature and elegant women after tasting all the sadness of life. And the friendship between each other has not weakened after years of baptism, but has become more firm. Just like the original book said, “I am successful, she is not jealous, I am malaise, she does not despise, and life is a confidant.” “The Golden Years” not only explores the growth of women, but also seeks a balance between social reality and artistic creation.

In the ever-changing golden years, even in the face of the heavy blows of life, he will never be humble, self-conscious, and overcome obstacles.

  Girl Yishu: All I have, but a pair of hands

Most of the protagonists in the novels written by Hong Kong writer Yi Shu are urbanWhite collarIn life, the heroines in her novels are kindly become “Yishu girls” by readers.



“Xibao” of the year,


“The Story of a Rose” in 2015,


“She is Lonely Than Fireworks” in 2015, to


“Sincere Laughs” in 2005…the growth and independence of women, is Shujin


In this novel, it is shown firmly from beginning to end.

The golden sentences in Yi Shu’s novels are constantly being regarded as the most logical sayings in life by many women:

“People really want to be up for themselves. Once you have achieved results, the whole world will be happy.”

“Why prove something to someone who is not worthy, and live a better life, but for yourself.”

“It is impossible to rely on others in life and hope to be respected by others.”

“The more bad luck you are, the more you have to keep your breath quiet and get over it quietly, don’t disturb, make laughter, and leave troubles.”

“It’s your own business that you can’t do it. Dreaming back at midnight, you can remember as you like, but after the people, I want you to pretend that nothing happened. You can, we can, everyone Survived like this.”

“All I have is my own hands.”


Yi Shu has always emphasized that girls must be “economically independent and never play cards.” In addition to economic independence, she emphasized that “the most important thing to be a person is to look good.” The so-called “good-looking posture” is not only to have taste and structure, but also to be measured and know how to advance and retreat. Even if you are stupid, there is also a kind of arrogance. Don’t be entangled, turn around and leave.

Self-love, independence, and then love others-this is the best thing that Yishu teaches girls


  In reality, there is no shortage of hard-working people


Every literary work is a reflection of this era.

In reality, every field has women who brave the wind and waves and dare to chase dreams.They are not affected by their age, status andlabelDefine and have the courage to live out your own charm.

I am born

It is a mountain instead of a stream, and I want to overlook the mediocre ravine from the top of the peaks. I was born a great man, not a grass, I stand on the shoulders of great men and despise humble cowards! This is the oath of Huaping Girls’ High School in Lijiang City, Yunnan Province.Principal Zhang Guimei


Over the years, this free school allows


A girl was admitted to college and out of the mountains. She used her persistence to light up the life dreams of countless Dashan girls.

Taobao first anchor Wei Ya, from

17 years old


Square meters of clothing store, earnFirst pot of gold, To enter the entertainment circle and then quit, open from one breath


HomePhysical storeTo fully shut down and embrace e-commerce when all profits are made, from loss


Wan Selling HouseStart a businessTmall store yearSales


Wan, from entering Taobao live broadcast to the well-deserved “Queen of Selling Goods”, she has luck, but it is more that she is actively embracing change and not giving up.

In 2020, there will also be countless figures fighting on the front line of the epidemic, showing “her power”.

She is a grassroots policeman who guards for the country; she sticks topostSanitationworker; She is a medical team member rushing to help Wuhan on New Year’s Eve; she is a designer who volunteered to build the Huoshen Mountain


In the tide of the times, no matter whether it is the first wave or the back wave, they are all blooming in their own lives.

May more women be brave and strong, self-respect and self-reliant, and write the most beautiful golden years in their lives in the struggle.


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