New shine in Peine: The new Christmas lights are here

# Peine holds together
– According to Peine Marketing, this can be seen under this hashtag. Because: many
“Light spots”
support the new Christmas lights in the city. And now the time has come: In time for
The Black Friday merchants’ guild will turn it on this Friday, November 27th. Peine Marketing announced that it will ensure that the Christmas shine will be there every day from the afternoon until late in the evening.

Together and successfully

The large elements were installed by the
Public utilities
with the support of
Merchants Guild.
Thanks to the cooperation of Stadtwerke Peine, Stadt Peine, Kaufmannsgilde and PeineMarketing, this extensive project could be successfully implemented, according to the announcement.

With many sponsors

“A very
great thank you
goes especially to the additional sponsors who make the new Christmas lighting possible with their financial support: Sparkasse Hildesheim Goslar Peine, Volksbank BraWo, Wohnbau Salzgitter, Kreis Kurier and Peiner Heimstätte. ”

After twelve years, the Christmas lights needed one
since the
Fairy lights
can no longer be maintained in the trees. In many places it would have remained completely dark, according to Peine Marketing.

To moonlight shopping:
The merchants’ guild has it
extended opening hours
on this Friday
till 21 o’clock
advertised to which the lighting can be experienced. According to the merchants’ guild, this is not an event requiring approval, but “only” an extension of the opening hours of each individual trader who wants to take part.


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