Appeal of the Peine CDU: give up the Wagenburg mentality

In a crisis is the city-owned subsidiary Penalty-Marketing : A merger with the district’s own economic and tourism promotion company (Wito) is being discussed, but the consulting firm “Cima Consulting and Management” advises against it in its report. Andreas Meier , Boss of CDU faction in the council of the city of Peine, makes this […]

Finance: A corporate loan for the low-volume period as a solution – finance

One Corporate loan is not feasible for every company, as the loan must first be approved and approved by the respective bank. It is therefore important for you to pay attention to a few aspects relating to a corporate loan before making the decision. The different deadlines A certain amount is made available to you […]

Insurer: Car accident in Bochum expensive on average 2166 euros

Bochum. Almost every tenth customer of the Generali insurance company in Bochum reported a claim in 2019. Average cost per case: 2166 euros. On average, almost every tenth motor vehicle owner in Bochum had one claim in the past year – statistically 9.7 damage per 100 motor vehicles. This was announced by the Generali insurance […]

“Claims from the business closure insurance are not a sticky stick”

The business closure insurance replaces the lost operating profit and the expense of ongoing costs – at least in theory. Because especially in the wake of the corona pandemic, many insurance companies are trying to deny protection. In such cases, there is only a legal solution, says lawyer Tim Banerjee. Empty tableEmpty table., CC0 […]

Handball clubs are in favor of a single round

The when has yet to be clarified – but there is now consensus on the how on one essential point: The season of handball players in the major and association leagues should end as a single round. That is the result of a survey of the association. However, when it can be played again – […]

Arnsberg: Banks are crisis sensors in the domestic economy

Arnsberg / Sundern. This is what corporate client advisors at Deutsche Bank in Arnsberg say about their work with companies and businesses in the Corona crisis. The corona crisis is causing worries, changes and innovations in the domestic economy. As sensors for the financial effects of the pandemic, the domestic financial institutions are very close […]

Börse Express – EANS Adhoc: Vienna Insurance Group AG Wiener Versicherung Gruppe (German)

EANS-Adhoc: Vienna Insurance Group acquires Central and Eastern European business of Aegon Publication of inside information in accordance with Article 17 MAR by euro adhoc with the aim of Europe-wide distribution. For the content is the Issuer responsible. Merger / takeover / participation 29.11.2020 Vienna – The VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP AG Wiener Versicherung Gruppe (VIG) […]

Eisschwimmer helps fight blood cancer in Salzgitter

The audience got goose bumps for free when Nils Rudolph went into the Salzgittersee on Saturday afternoon wearing only swimming trunks. Ice swimming for a good cause was the order of the day. Unfortunately, due to the corona pandemic, only a few guests and a few random walkers along the lake were able to cheer […]

“A great experience” – on the e-rickshaw through Braunschweig

The two residents of the care and senior center Bethanien initially decided not to use the specially made tile with the inscription “Bürgerstiftung Braunschweig” and “Radeln ohne Alter”. Irmgard Fuchs and Ursula Drögemüller were the first to be chauffeured through the park of the home at Marienstift by Kerstin Waning from the foundation in an […]