Controls: The authorities shut down construction sites in the Gifhorn district

Moonlighting Controls: The authorities shut down construction sites in the Gifhorn district 15.10.2021, 16:22 Customs officers stand in front of a construction site in Berlin. In Lower Saxony, too, controls on undeclared work have been carried out in the past few weeks. Photo: Paul Zinken / dpa Braunschweig. The reason are blatant occupational safety deficiencies. […]

Train drivers in our region will soon need a lot of patience

Expansion of the Weddel loop Train drivers in our region will soon need a lot of patience 15.10.2021, 18:40 | Reading time: 2 minutes Two ICE trains meet at apprenticeship on the rail route between Wolfsburg and Braunschweig. Only at this point is the line double-tracked for a few hundred meters. That should change. Photo: […]

Wirtualna Polska – Everything important

Marianna Schreiber sat on the couch at Kuba Wojewódzki’s. The minister’s wife did not have to wait for the episode to be broadcast for her next “appearance” on TVN to be met with unpleasant comments. The celebrity revealed the content of the message she got from the former “mentor”. About the minister’s wife Łukasz Schreiber […]

Wirtualna Polska – Everything important

Fraudsters use various methods to hijack our sensitive data. The method that involves arousing interest and encouraging users to click on links that allegedly contain sensational recordings of kidnapping, rape or death after vaccination against COVID-19 is very popular. As CERT Polska warns, this is nothing more than an attempt to take over access to […]

Wirtualna Polska – Everything important

Fans accused Natalia Siwiec of hypocrisy. “People will do anything for money,” they roar. The celebrity decided to explain herself. Natalia Siwiec recently appeared on Instagram in a genuine lamb skin coat and thus exposed many fans … Internet users were surprised that a celebrity who declares that she does not eat meat and leads […]

increase in the police budget to fight against departures

Published on : 11/10/2021 – 01:36 The funds allocated to the American police were cut in 2020, following the protests against the police violence that followed the death of George Floyd. This year, the trend is again reversed with significant budget increases, in particular to fight against the departure of police officers. With our correspondent […]

Ex-BVB star Jadon Sancho in crisis: encouraging words from England coach

Manchester. Jadon Sancho (21) moved from BVB to Manchester United in the summer for 85 million euros. Its start failed. Praise from Gareth Southgate. It is a small, but currently very important sense of achievement that Jadon Sancho (21) was able to experience this weekend. The offensive player of Manchester United won with the English […]

Wirtualna Polska – Everything important

Behind the actress’s family a beautiful and solemn day – the baptism of four months old Nel. Wealthy parents did not spare the ceremony to be exceptionally solemn. “Today is Nelusia’s christening, so a house full of people, full of children, a home kindergarten” – said an embarrassed Klaudia Halejcio, when a befriended make-up artist […]

Will the IRA murders in North Rhine-Westphalia forever go unpunished?

Essen. In the 1980s and 1990s, the Irish terrorist group IRA also murdered in Germany. The government in London wants an amnesty for all deeds. The VW Jetta slowly rolls from the courtyard of the petrol station in Wegberg-Wildenrath in the Lower Rhine region. But the vehicle doesn’t get very far. A volley from a […]

TuS Ferndorf: Faulenbach injury overshadows first victory

Kreuztal. TuS Ferndorf has achieved its first second division victory, but the joy is subdued. Jonas Faulenbach may have been seriously injured. The spell is broken! Second division handball team TuS Ferndorf celebrated its first league win of this season with a 32:27 (17:12) against Dessau-Roßlauer HV 06 and finally showed what the 820 fans […]