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Rakuten Travel New Year 2024 Hotel Promotion: Up to 50% off Selected Hotels + Extra 40% Off Coupons Every Week!

Rakuten Travel Promotion 2024|Hotel Promotion Starts on 1.30th!Get up to 50% off on selected hotels and grab extra 40% off coupons every week

You are all planning to spend a lot of money on travel during the Lunar New Year. Do you think you have to “ban traveling abroad” for half a year to save money? No, no, no, I found out there is another tourist hotel discount, and I encourage everyone to launder money abroad again!Rakuten TravelThe New Year SALE will be launched for three consecutive weeks on January 30. Selected hotels have discounts of up to half price, and there are 40% off coupons every Wednesday, as well as additional 20% discounts and 5% discounts. Check out more discounts Details!

Rakuten Travel’s New Year’s promotion will start on January 30th. (Screenshot of official website)

[Watch Now]The new Yahoo Shopping page is officially launched, follow the latest discount information!

Air ticket discount price platform:


Hotel accommodation discount price platform:


Itinerary and food discount platform:


1. Hotel instant discounts with up to 50% discount

From Hokkaido to Okinawa, there are selected hotels participating in instant discounts. The most exaggerated thing is that you can stay at Hakodate Century Marina Hotel at half price! Century Marina Hotel Hakodate opens on May 1, 2019. It is only a 5-minute walk from Hakodate Station. After the discount, it only costs $350 per person per night. If you plan to go to Goryokaku Park in Hakodate to enjoy cherry blossoms, you might as well take advantage of the discount period. Booking! In addition, Tokyu Stay Okinawa Naha, where all rooms are equipped with washing machines/dryers, microwaves and kitchenettes, also has a 30% discount; Glamping venues in Nagano, Yamanashi and other places also participate in the discount program, so pay close attention at 9am on January 30 !

Selected hotels are up to 50% off, grab extra 40% off coupons for 3 consecutive Wednesdays, and even have 20% discount coupons. (Screenshot of official website)

50% off: Hakodate Century Marina Hotel

Special price: starting from $698.2 (original price: starting from $1,396.40), starting from $349.1 per person


Century Marina Hotel Hakodate opened on May 1, 2019. It is only a 5-minute walk from Hakodate Station. The infinity bath on the highest floor offers a beautiful night view. (Official website picture)

On the highest floor, soak in the infinity bath and watch the night view of Hakodate Bay. (Official website picture)

30% off discount: Tokyu Stay Okinawa Naha

Special price: starting from $408.02 (original price: starting from $582.89), starting from $204.01 per person


All rooms at Tokyu Stay Okinawa Naha are equipped with washing machines/dryers, microwaves and kitchenettes, making them suitable for families. Premier Riverside Twin Room (official website picture)

Of course, a swimming pool is a must when staying in Okinawa. (Official website picture)

20% off: Nagano Iizuna Plateau Glamprook Glamping

Special price: starting from $2,978.98 (original price: starting from $3,723.73), starting from $1,489.49 per person


Nagano Iizuna Plateau Glamprook luxury camping is equipped with beautiful views of Nagano Snow Mountain, and accommodation also includes breakfast and dinner. Generally, a dome camp can accommodate 4 people, namely 2 adults and 2 children. (Official website picture)

The main restaurant is also a restaurant, with a campfire adding to the atmosphere. (Official website picture)

2. Extra 40% off on Wednesday limited pop-up coupons

At 11am on January 31st, February 7th and February 14th, grab an extra 40% off coupon immediately. 200 places will be given out each time, which can be applied to about 2,100 hotels. The check-in date is until July 31st this year. , applicable on weekdays or weekends, with the maximum discount amounting to 40,000 yen, which is approximately HK$2,115.76.

Rakuten Travel 40% off coupon

Grab an extra 40% off coupon for 3 consecutive Wednesdays. (Screenshot of official website)

3. Extra 20% off on New Year’s Day and Universiade coupons

Also from 9am on January 30 to 9am on February 15, an additional 20% discount is provided. About 1,000 hotels participate in this program. You can check in before July 31. You can also enjoy the discount on Saturdays and Sundays. The maximum discount is 20,000 yen, approximately HK$1057.88, but cannot be used with the additional 40% discount coupon.

Rakuten Travel 20% off coupon

There is also a 20% discount coupon option for additional discounts. (Screenshot of official website)

4. Extra 5% off on designated hotel coupons

Although it is only a 5% discount coupon, it can be used together with the 40% and 20% discount coupons. Even if you don’t grab it, you will get an extra 5% off. You can enjoy up to 5,000 yen, which is about $264.47, but please note that it is only applicable to about 160 hotel, and cannot be used on April 27th and 28th and May 3rd to 5th.

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