New Honda CB125F: the entry-level with a new look

Honda shows its new CB125, 11 kg lighter, now equipped with a low-friction eSP (Enhanced Smart Power) engine that improves fuel consumption (66.7 km) while maintaining performance, of 11 HP. And now the starting is silent type with alternator.

The style is inspired by the higher displacement CB sisters and also includes LED lights. The dashboard is new and digital, with gear indicator and ECO signal for efficient driving. The central stand is as always standard. The approval is Euro5, the new CB125F 2021 is built in the Italian Honda factory in Atessa (CH), in Abruzzo.

A moto entry-level da 125 cc, for some it is the ideal solution for daily commuting, brilliant, reliable, convenient at the time of purchase and in terms of management costs, for others it is the model of access to the world of motorcycles, and must therefore be easy to drive , safe and fun, as well as having an attractive look. A 125 is almost always the beginning of one’s motorcycle adventure, the first motorcycle.

It must convey the excitement, freedom and characteristic pleasure that two wheels bring to everyday life. It must also be easy enough for a beginner to handle. The CB125F is the most robust, unstoppable, reliable and efficient among small displacement motorcycles, with a modern style, unrivaled ease of driving and negligible running costs.

Source: Honda Press Office

Born in 2015 as heir of the glorious CBF125, for 2021 the CB125F has been redesigned once again to be even more desirable and affordable. Ken Tomiyasu, Large Project Leader (LPL) of CB125F 2021, said: “For us, benchmarks are important. We therefore focused on a silent revolution with the new CB125F, which maintains the ideal performance for use in the city but adds extraordinarily low consumption. It features the low-friction Honda eSP (Enhanced Smart Power) engine, boasts phenomenal handling thanks to its balanced chassis, and its look the owner can really be proud of. We are very proud that so many people will start their motorcycle adventure with Honda on the CB125F, and we are confident that it will offer them driving pleasure and practicality in equal measure ”.

The new engine eSP (Enhanced Smart Power) of the CB125F 2021, single-cylinder, single-shaft, Euro5 compliant, has been designed to maintain generous performance on urban roads and be reliable and fuel-efficient. There power maximum of new motorcycle from Honda of 11 hp is delivered at 7,500 rpm, with a maximum torque of 10.9 Nm at 6,000 rpm. Accelerating from a standstill the CB125F covers 200 meters in 12.4 seconds but, above all, fuel efficiency is significantly improved.


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