New feature allows leaving a group silently

The messenger service WhatsApp wants to offer its users a new function in group chat in the near future. So it should soon be possible that not all members of the group are informed as usual when you leave it. The company is also working on an improved link preview in status updates. The industry magazine reports macerhead.

Whatsapp is planning numerous changes that should be available with the next update. Including the function to be able to leave groups secretly and without notifying everyone. Many users were sometimes bothered when they constantly received messages in larger group chats when someone left the group. After the release of groups with up to 512 people, this was particularly annoying, it said.

With the new beta function, it should be possible to leave the chats almost completely unnoticed in the future. Only the administrators of the group get a notification that a user has left the chat Wabetainfo. When a member leaves the group, a dialog will appear stating, “Only you and the group admins will be notified that you left the group.” Exactly when the new feature will be included in an update is unclear.

WhatsApp: link preview in status updates

In another beta development, WhatsApp is testing an extensive link preview in status updates. Currently, when sharing a link in a status update, only the URL is displayed. A rich link preview, on the other hand, can show a preview of the linked webpage to give users an idea of ​​the content to expect when they visit the webpage. This should also be possible soon in the status update.

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