because the singer has crutches

The usual appointment with Hyenas, but this time it is a very special episode: alongside Belen Rodriguez and Teo Mammucari, an exceptional guest is added. We are talking about Marco Mengoni, who entered the scene on crutches, arousing the immediate concern of all his fans. What happened to him?

Marco Mengoni, because he has crutches

The new episode of Le Iene opened with Marco Mengoni lying in a candid bed positioned in the center of the study: it is from here that the singer performed, presenting his latest single No Stress. What seemed like just an unusual choreographic choice turned out to be a necessity. Once the performance is over, Belen Rodriguez in fact, he reached the artist with a crutch in his hand, handing it over to him. The curiosity of the public was inevitable, and not only: the beautiful Argentine showgirl asked him immediately what had happened to him.

“I did a little accident, I thought it was a bruise but no. The crusader is gone. And nothing, I slowly get back into place ”- explained Mengoni, with a hint of irony. The singer preferred not to reveal how he was injured, however, hinting that it was a very recent event. On the other hand, on his Instagram profile there are no traces of crutches, only all the preparations for the big event of the year: his tour Marco Nei Stadi, starting next June.

Belen Rodriguez gorgeous in black: the look at Le Iene

Marco Mengoni has therefore joined Belen for this special episode. And the beautiful Argentine showgirl, as usual, surprised us with a really cool look. This edition of Hyenas he has seen it strung together one success after another, in terms of style: from leather minidressvery sensual, to the gonna in denim more casual, his outfits (all by David Koma) are simply amazing. This time she chose a fitted black dress with spaghetti straps and plunging necklinesimple and at the same time very elegant.

The touch of class is the bodice entirely covered with glitter very bright, which shine with every movement under the lights of the spotlights. Belen is wonderful: she doesn’t need much else to stand out on stage. A pair of high-heeled sandals, a few rings and sparkly earrings are all she needs to complete a fairytale look. Furthermore, Rodriguez has chosen for the occasion a very simple hairstyle, leaving the hair down along the shoulders. Once again, she reconfirms herself as the true star of the show.

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For Belen, on the other hand, this is a golden moment. The management of Hyenas came shortly after the end of the last edition of You are worth it, where he doesn’t really have that much room to show off his talent. This was her real test, and success was not long in coming. But even on the sentimental front, things seem to be going well. A few months afterfarewell with Antonino Spinalbesefather of his little Luna Marì, the showgirl found the smile next to Stefano De Martinofor a (second) flashback that made everyone dream.

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