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The Spicy Sambal Bakar Typical of Kalimantan, You Can Enjoy It Here, No Need to Go to Kalimantan

Tribuncirebon.com Reporter, Handhika Rahman

TRIBUNJABAR.ID, INDRAMAYU – For lovers of spicy food in Indramayu Regency, the taste is incomplete if you haven’t tasted the spicy food here Bontang Grilled Sambal.

There, visitors can feel firsthand how the sensation of the spicy chili sauce is Bontang without going all the way to East Kalimantan.

Before serving, Sambal Bontang It is served by burning it first on a mortar along with a choice of side dishes.

Owner Bontang Grilled Sambal, Banyu Biru (32) said, so that when enjoyed later, the spiciness of Bontang Grilled Sambal This will immediately kick in the tongue because it absorbs intact into the food.

“Buyers can also see firsthand how the process of burning this typical Kalimantan chili sauce is before eating it,” he said at the restaurant Bontang Grilled Sambal which is located on Jalan DI Panjaitan Indramayu to Tribuncirebon.com, Sunday (16/1/2022).

Banyu Biru said that there are 2 types of typical Kalimantan chili sauce that customers can choose from.

Starting from the green chili sauce which tastes super spicy and fresh, to the red chili sauce which tastes sweet and spicy.

The sambal variant is then baked along with a selection of side dishes, such as chicken, catfish, tilapia, squid, to ampela liver.

The price is also very affordable, only starting from Rp. 10 thousand to Rp. 25 thousand.

Blue Blue said, Bontang Grilled Sambal this can be an option for culinary hunters who like spicy food in Indramayu Regency.

“It’s perfect for anyone who really likes spicy food,” he said.

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