New developments in famous ‘liquor’ case seized aboard yacht owned by ‘Yaqoub Bushehri’

Al-Marsad newspaper: Today, Sunday, the Kuwait Court of Appeal reduced the prison sentences handed down to the defendants in the famous “liquor yacht” case, which began 8 months ago after the seizure of large quantities of alcohol on the yacht belonging to the famous social networking site, Yaqoub Bushehri.

The court decided not to punish the yacht’s master, who is Kuwaiti, and overturned the one-year prison sentence previously handed down to him on alcohol smuggling charges, while sentencing the Filipino defendant to 3 years and 6 months’ imprisonment instead of 5 years, according to the “Security and Courts” account.

The criminal court handed down its sentences against the two defendants on 27 September, while Yaqoub Bushehri was acquitted of the case.

The well-known Yaqoub Bushehri explained at the time that the reason for the detention of the Kuwaiti for just one year, and the Filipino for five years, was due to the difference in their statements in the investigations.

He said in a video clip aired on his Snapchat account: “The Kuwaiti defendant confirmed in the investigation that the alcohol found aboard the yacht was brought for personal use, while the Filipino defendant said the ‘alcohol on the yacht was for commercial purposes’.

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