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New Deutsche Bahn Timetable: More Connections and Faster Routes for Lower Saxony and Bremen

As of: September 29, 2023 12:46 p.m

Deutsche Bahn is expanding its long-distance transport offerings in Lower Saxony and Bremen. With the new timetable there should be around two connections per hour between Hanover and Berlin.

According to its own statements, Deutsche Bahn (DB) wants to take a further step on the way to the German rhythm with this offer. From December 10th there should be a more dense and regular frequency between the metropolises. In addition to the Hanover-Berlin connection, there will also be seven trips per day between Berlin and Amsterdam via Hanover and Osnabrück, which should also be around 15 minutes faster.

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New timetable: More connections, faster routes

According to DB, long-distance travelers in Lower Saxony and Bremen will receive a better offer with the timetable change. The following changes are therefore planned:

Berlin-Hannover-Rhine/Ruhr axis: Reinforcement trains between Berlin and Cologne via Hanover, train connections will be extended more frequently to Aachen, seat capacity will increase by up to 25 percentBerlin-Hannover-Düsseldorf/Berlin-Stendal-Göttingen-Frankfurt Airport: The connections also stop at Wolfsburg main stationBerlin-Amsterdam: Seven trips per day via Hanover and Osnabrück, saving 15 minutesWolfsburg: Trains between Berlin-Amsterdam and reinforcement trains Berlin-Cologne will no longer stop in the AutostadtBremen-Hamburg/Bremen-Rhineland: More frequent ICE connections, morning ICE from Bremen to Hamburg will be canceled until July 15, 2024 due to constructionBremen-Oldenburg: New stop in Bremen for an ICE from Frankfurt and Hanover to continue on to Oldenburg, the last IC from Emden to Bremen continues on Sundays to HanoverSylt-Frankfurt: IC via Hanover will run daily all year round from MarchStuttgart-Norddeich Mole: Connections are said to be one and a half to two hours fasterCologne-Juist/Cologne-Norderney: In the future, ICE will run between Cologne and the ferry docks instead of ICOther cities should be served more frequently by long-distance trains, including Braunschweig, Göttingen, Nienburg, Hildesheim, That and Lüneburg

Higher prices and continued delays?

Ticket sales for the new timetable are scheduled to begin on October 11th. However, ticket prices are expected to rise. The railway wants to provide information about this in October. In addition, the unreliability of long-distance transport will not change for the time being. A general renovation of dozens of rail corridors is planned for next year. According to Deutsche Bahn, this should lead to an improvement in the overloaded infrastructure – but probably only from 2025.

Further information

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