New train timetable with more ICE connections to the Baltic Sea | – news

Status: 07.10.2021 07:22 a.m. With the timetable change on December 12th, Deutsche Bahn is expanding its train connections to popular seaside resorts in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. The group announced on Thursday. In the future, it will be possible to travel daily with the ICE from Cologne via Hanover and Berlin to Binz without having to change […]

More parcels on the rails: Deutsche Bahn wants to expand the transport network

Parcels are ready to be picked up in a hall Will these packages be transported on rails in the future? (Photo: dpa) Berlin Buy shoes, furniture or laptops with one click and have them delivered to your home: For many consumers in Germany, online shopping has long been part of everyday life. The corona crisis […]

Car manager should advance digitization

Daniela Gerd Tom Markotten The industrial engineer and computer scientist has been the new digital director at Deutsche Bahn since mid-September. (Photo: Daimler) Frankfurt Anyone who saw the photo a few days ago on Twitter and handed a box to his new colleague Daniela Gerd tom Markotten on which rail boss Richard Lutz handed him […]

Spanish state railways Renfe are buying half of Leo Express

Negotiations for the sale of half of the company have taken place in recent months, with Renfe announcing in March that negotiations are coming to an end. The transaction has now been definitively completed, approved by the Spanish Ministry of Finance. Renfe buys half of Leo Express, which is licensed for rail transport in three […]

Problems on the way to Croatia persist! People are entitled to compensation

Every day, the Regiojet transports approximately 1,300 passengers on the Prague – Split route, who have to reckon with a delay of several hours due to complications on the route. Friday’s flight from Croatia was almost four hours late. However, according to a Regiojet spokesman, passengers will be entitled to financial compensation. “The moment the […]

Chinese exporters have been crushed by pandemics and floods in Germany

In the past, Chinese companies easily penetrated international markets mainly due to the cheap production costs of their products. But now their age-old advantage is disappearing. The main reason is the ongoing pandemic of covid-19 and the associated traffic restrictions. In addition, the movement of goods may slow down even further in the coming weeks, […]

Excess in blood, fat and gold (nd current)

An arena looms in the high, historic hall of the Hamburger Bahnhof. Church chants fill the hall, which looks like a large empty square, street noise and barking dogs can also be heard. Only a few people pass by, go around the arena, slip through a curtain into the pink interior and take a seat […]