New blood at the Hao gendarmerie

Hao, February 13, 2021 – Vavetoua Cheung-yan, a young volunteer assistant gendarme (GAV,) who had just graduated from training, came to Hao to take over and breathe new life into the local gendarmerie brigade.

At the end of 13 weeks of training at the Faa’a camp, nine voluntary assistants from Tahiti, Moorea or the archipelagos were sworn in on January 24 at the Papeete courthouse. These nine GAVs will join their respective units in which they will assist the officers and agents of the judicial police. Among them, Vavetoua Cheung-yan, commonly known as “Vave” who has just joined his assignment to the Hao gendarmerie brigade. Vave, originally from Tahiti more precisely from the town of Punaauia, despite his 20 years, but is already an accomplished sportsman since he drags behind him 7 years of practice of taekwondo including some international competitions and 2 years of MMA. Cohesion within a gendarmerie brigade is fundamental, even vital, it is essential that each soldier be a support of confidence for the other. On his arrival last week, Vave received a warm and fraternal welcome from these future colleagues and local elected officials, of course respecting the barrier gestures in force. Since then he is acclimating as best he can and sharing his first impressions: “It’s hot ! (laughs), I find people nice, welcoming. The lagoon is impressive, very beautiful; I think I will enjoy life in Tuamotu. ” And if the distance is likely to weigh on him, he does not lack ambitions: “I plan to take the examination for non-commissioned officers and orient myself in the mobile gendarmerie, then why not enter the GIGN (Intervention Group of the National Gendarmerie) or do like my uncles, dog handler within the PSIG, to close the loop“.

Vave, a young 20-year-old Polynesian holder of a Pro Safety and Prevention Bac has chosen his path, he is still in his early stages but his motivation to succeed is palpable. He should be an example of determination for a Polynesian youth who often lose their bearings.

The gendarmerie offers young Polynesians of good will, ready to work, to question themselves and to get out of their comfort zone, a real prospect for the future.
And Vavetoua, like others, is the perfect example.



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