meditation and message of hope at Moorea hospital

“Working together to improve the health of the people.” “It was a necessary ceremony to be able to remember everything that happened. It was a terrible time with all these sick people, these hospitalized victims and these deceased people. We also had to thank all the families who managed to help their patients and all […]

84 caregivers arrive from Paris as reinforcements

Tahiti, September 2, 2021 – A contingent of 84 caregivers arrived from Paris between Wednesday evening and Thursday morning, to lend a hand to hospital staff in Tahiti, Moorea and Raiatea. The state announces new reinforcements “at the end of the week”. While the High Commission announced on Wednesday the arrival of a health support […]

The Cnil warns Valenciennes

Paris – France – AFP – Tuesday, August 3, 2021 – The municipality of the North has deployed from 2018 video protection cameras provided by the Huawei company. A device “partially intrusive”, warns the National Commission for Information Technology and Freedoms. The personal data policeman sends a warning to Valenciennes. The National Commission for Informatics […]

Paruru ia Moorea asks for time to prepare his defense

Tahiti, July 19, 2021 – Attached to court with a member of her Facebook group, Paruru ia Moorea, for comments made about the developer of the Tiahura real estate project, the administrator of the Facebook page in question, Tchen Tahnee , asked for a delay to hire a lawyer. The hearing was postponed until August […]

Polynesia keen on PGE

Tahiti, June 6, 2021 – The state guaranteed loans (PGE) crisis mechanism has been particularly used in fenua. The outstanding amount of Polynesian EMPs represents 9.1% of French Polynesia’s GDP against 6.4% in France. The share of PGEs in outstanding business loans is the highest in the French overseas territories. No less than 910 Polynesian […]

Towards a new management of the Rimatara tarodières

Rimatara, May 30, 2021 – The new management of land that has remained state-owned on the island required a mission from the Land Affairs Department (DAF) regarding the exploitation of the tarodières. From May 26 to 28, 2021, a mission from the Land Affairs Department (DAF) traveled to the island of Rimatara, in order to […]

the consequences of the future referendum examined

Paris, France | AFP | Thursday 05/27/2021 – The consequences of the future self-determination referendum in New Caledonia on international and internal law, currency, trade agreements, nickel, and public finances were examined Thursday morning at the French Overseas Ministry by political delegations from “Caillou”. At the end of one of these working sessions with technicians […]

Representative James Heaux attacks appointment of Director of Education

Tahiti, April 7, 2021 – Tahoera’a representative James Heaux has filed an appeal with the Papeete Administrative Court to challenge the appointment of the new Director General of Education and Teaching (DGEE), Eric Tournier. The elected official believes that this appointment does not respect the country’s law on the protection of local employment voted in […]

The IATA Summer season relies on the reopening of borders

Tahiti, March 24, 2021 – International airlines serving French Polynesia have submitted their flight schedules for the IATA Summer 2021 season, from March 28 to October 30. Requests for approval of theoretical flight programs for the moment, to allow them to operate services in the event of reopening of the borders of the countries concerned. […]

Sewing and health for the Rangiroa vahine

Rangiroa, March 21, 2021 – On Saturday, Vahine no Rairoa and the Women’s Committee of French Polynesia, organized a recreational day in Tiputa. An event combining leisure and health since sewing workshops were offered alongside the association of diabetics and obesity in French Polynesia, which raised awareness of the issues of diabetes and hypertension. It […]