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Nethys case: François Fornieri placed under arrest warrant with immediate imprisonment

After being heard for two days by investigators, the Liège businessman François Fornieri was placed under arrest warrant and sent to Lantin prison. He will plead next Tuesday for his release.

AAdded by investigators since Wednesday morning, François Fornieri has just been placed under arrest warrant by the Liège examining magistrate Frédéric Frenay, with immediate arrest.

The Liège businessman, current CEO of the listed company Mithra, was arrested Thursday evening on charges of embezzlement by a person exercising a public function and abuse of corporate assets, confirmed to the Evening Christian De Valkeneer, the prosecutor general of Liège, confirming information from our colleagues from The Meuse.

François Fornieri’s lawyers also confirm the information in a press release sent to the press in the evening. “Over the past two days, Mr. François Fornieri has been heard at length by the judicial police about the remuneration of certain managers of Nethys at the time when he was a director within this company (… ). Throughout the interrogation, Mr. Fornieri provided all the useful and necessary explanations to the investigators, relying on numerous documents and notes which were communicated to them. Due to the upcoming hearing of other parties involved in the case, the examining magistrate decided to place Mr. Fornieri under arrest warrant. Since the initiation of this case, Mr. Fornieri has always claimed to have acted in strict compliance with the law and in the interest of the company of which he was a director. His presumption of innocence must be forcefully recalled ”.

See you Tuesday

Mithra’s CEO was taken to Lantin prison on Thursday evening. He will spend the next few days there and will appear before the council chamber next Tuesday, adds the attorney general. The businessman “will ask for the lifting of this arrest warrant for which he disputes the motivation”, add his lawyers. “Mr. Fornieri does not intend that his freedom be conditioned on the number of tweets or articles devoted to him”.

As a reminder, this file was opened following the publications of the Evening as early as September 2019. At the time, we revealed in particular that François Fornieri and Stéphane Moreau, then chairman of the remuneration committee and CEO of Nethys (with exclusively public capital), had bought, in the greatest secrecy, two subsidiaries of Nethys at a disputed price (Win and Elicio). Elicio was sold for two symbolic euros while in parallel, the same François Fornieri granted more than 18 million in compensation to the leaders of Nethys, most of which was reserved for the boss Stéphane Moreau.

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Lhe board of directors of Mithra met Thursday evening and took note of the arrest warrant of CEO François Fornieri in the context of the file relating to the functions he previously fulfilled within Nethys, indicates the company dedicated to women’s health in a press release. The Board has decided to entrust the function of CEO ad interim to Christophe Maréchal, who has served as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Mithra since 2017.

The former chairman of the remuneration committee of Nethys and current CEO of Mithra François Fornieri was placed under arrest warrant on Thursday evening, said the prosecutor general of the prosecution of Liège Christian De Valkeneer. He was charged with embezzlement by a person exercising a public function and misuse of company property.

The board of directors of the Belgian biotech company is convinced that the pursuit of the operational activities of the company “will run optimally” with the appointment of Mr. Maréchal.

The company is listed on the Brussels Stock Exchange.

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