Neighbors complain about trash in Jackson Heights area

Rafael Rodríguez picks up the abandoned trash on 69th Street to throw it in the only trash can around. He says this image is prevalent in this area of ​​Jackson Heights.

“Many from this area instead of taking the garbage where they have to put it, they come and put it in the front of this area,” explained Rodríguez.

The accumulation of trash is visible from Avenida 37 until reaching Northern Blvd. of Calle 69. According to neighbors, the waste accumulates because drivers park on this road to eat at lunch time or to clean their cars. It is a lonely stretch, next to the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.

Rafael comes 3 times a week to clean what he can. He points out that although the Housekeeping department has provided him with garbage bags, the agency should stop by more frequently to collect the garbage bags.

Rafael. Neighbour.

“To keep the area clean and out of so much divine rats that there is because this is an area of ​​rats,” added Rodríguez.

Last year the Housekeeping department announced budget cuts of more than $ 100 million.

On Tuesday, cleaning crews were working on the street. This was accomplished after Nuala O’Doughtery complained via Twitter about how dirty the sidewalk was.

Nuala lives in the area and in the past has organized groups of volunteers to pick up the trash. Now he thinks it’s time for the city to take over.

“We asked the City, please, we spoke to the Cleaning department, we spoke to the ‘Transportation’ department, we spoke to the ‘council’, I ask why not clean it?” Said O’Doughtery.

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Neighbors want the Housekeeping department to create a schedule to remove garbage on 69th Street more often.

“A trash can on every corner, but the Sanitation department also needs to collect the trash every day,” O’Doughtery said.

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