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Myanmar. UN General Assembly condemns human rights trampling

In addition to condemning the continued trampling of human rights, the text now adopted urges the Myanmar authorities to stop inciting hatred against both the Rohingya and other ethnic minorities in the largely Buddhist country.The government of former Burma insists that military operations were aimed at responding to an extremist threat.

In the resolution – adopted by 134 of the 193 member countries of the UN General Assembly, with nine votes against and 28 abstentions -, signatories are alarmed at Rohingya’s unbarred exodus to Bangladesh over decades, “after atrocities committed by Myanmar’s security and armed forces

The findings of an independent international mission are reported, namely “gross human rights violations and abuse by Rohingya Muslims and other minorities” by Myanmar security forces. Such crimes are even described as “the most serious under international law.”

The resolution, without binding force, calls on Myanmar’s political-military power to protect all groups inhabiting the country and to ensure the administration of justice against human rights violations.

Faced with the content of the resolution, Myanmar Ambassador to the United Nations, Hau Do Suan, complained of what he described as a two-weight, two-measure text.. Also of a “selective and discriminatory application of human rights norms.

Fátima Marques Faria, Virgílio Matos – RTP

Do Suan further argued that the gesture of the General Assembly eventually resulted in “unwanted political pressure” on the Burmese authorities, without showing any concern about “the complex situation of the Rakhine State” – the theater of Rohingya atrocities attributed to the army of Myanmar.
“Incomplete and incorrect”
This month Myanmar’s de facto head of government, Aung San Suu Kyi, testified before the UN International Court of Justice., in The Hague, where The Gambia heads a group of dozens of Muslim countries that filed a case against the regime.

Bangladeshi authorities plan to transfer 100
a thousand refugees to the small island of Bhasan Char in Bengal Bay.
An idea rejected by dozens of non-governmental structures that are
devote to humanitarian aid.

The Nobel Peace laureate, disgraced by the international community after the Rohingya persecution, rejected all allegations of genocide. Suu Kyi said the case turned out to be “incomplete and incorrect,” adding that the unrest in Rakhine State dates back centuries.

It is, in Aung San Suu Kyi’s words, an “internal armed conflict” triggered by attacks by Rohingya militants on security forces.

The Burmese Government’s number one admitted, on the other hand, that his country’s troops may have used disproportionate means in space. And promised to bring to justice any soldiers who had committed war crimes.

In August this year, a UN report He has accused the Burmese military of “systematically employing rape, group rapes and other violent and forced acts against women, girls, boys, men and transgender people”.

On September 30, Bangladesh hosted 915,000 Rohingya refugee camps. Of these, 80 percent arrived in that country between August and December 2017. Bangladesh announced in March this year its intention to close the borders to more Muslims.

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