“My investigators found hundreds of thousands of fraudulent voices” – Trump


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In his own words, US President Donald Trump has enough information about forgeries in the last presidential election that the voting results could change.

“Why is Joe Biden forming his cabinet so quickly while my investigators hundreds of thousands of fraudulent voices tweeted Trump.

According to Trump, this is enough to change the voting results in at least four states – “this is more than enoughto win the election ”.

In addition, the outgoing US President expressed the hope that the courts or legislators would do this (the revision of the election results – editor’s note).

US presidential election

The presidential election in the United States took place on November 3rd. Last Saturday, Democratic top candidate Joe Biden announced that he had won the election. Several heads of state and government congratulated him on his election victory.

The election winner has not yet been officially determined, in some US states the votes are still being counted. However, US media have declared Joe Biden the winner: According to Fox News, he receives 290 electoral votes, while Trump can count on only 232 votes.

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Trump insists the election is far from over and wants to challenge Biden’s victory in court. The incumbent accuses the Democrats of trying to “steal the election”. Trump’s attorney Rudy Guiliani said that the violations during the vote were of a systemic nature.

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