Jérémie Moreau, philosopher in the middle of nature in “Le Discours de la panthère”

The young cartoonist Jérémie Moreau changes register. After “La Saga de Grimr” which won the Fauve d’Or at Angoulême, here it is featuring animals. Solitude, memory, beauty… Philosophical questions fully addressed in this promising work.

At 33, Jérémie Moreau is making a new start. After winning the Fauve d’Or in Angoulême for Grimr’s Saga and confirmed with Thoughts and folds of the world, he leaves men for animals, watercolor for digital, and his historic editor for a small label. But without giving up his talent as a storyteller on the way.

Dare animals

Le Discours de la panthère (page 5) by Jérémie Moreau.

The Panther’s Speech (page 5) by Jérémie Moreau.

2024 editions

“The idea of ​​making an animal comic first came from the vision of the documentary series Life from the BBC. In one episode, a Komodo dragon bites a buffalo and then waits three weeks for the venom to act, for the wound to become infected, and for the buffalo to eventually exhaust itself and die. To finally devour it. Every time I read, hear or see something, I wonder how I could fit it into one of my stories, diverting it. Here, I therefore wondered if the fact of staying for weeks at the side of its prey could not create a beginning of friendship, and perhaps call into question the inevitable. From then on, I took the plunge to tell myself that I could stage animal stories. Because until then, I had projected myself into human stories, white male adventures, like me, as in the shônen of my adolescence and which partly constituted me. Confronting myself with animals offered me an ideal breeding ground for finding new ideas and getting off the human point of view.

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