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[The Epoch Times, 4 ottobre 2022](Reported by British Epoch Times reporter Andrew Moran / compiled by Chen Ting) Monday (October 3),Teslaand the CEO of SpaceXMoss(Elon Musk delves into geopolitics on Twitter, proposesRussia-Ukraine conflictpossible peaceful solution.

MossA four-part plan to promote peace in Eastern Europe was proposed and netizens were invited to vote for it.

Musk first suggested that “referendums in annexed areas be re-executed under the supervision of the United Nations.” If the public votes againstRussiaTake control, then Moscow will leave.

The second part is to reiterate that Crimea is formallyRussiapart, “as it has been since 1783 (until Khrushchev made a mistake).” The last two parts, including the security of water supply in the Crimea and the guaranteeUkraineStay neutral.

“This is most likely the end result, the question is how many people will die first,” he tweeted. “It is also worth remembering that a possible outcome of this conflict (albeit unlikely) is a nuclear war.” As a result, netizens voted 61.5% “against” and 38.5% “for”.

He then organized a second Twitter poll, asking netizens whether the wishes of the residents of Crimea and Donbas could “determine whether or not they belong to Russia.”UkraineMore than half (57.2%) voted “yes”, while 42.8% voted “no”.

A man votes in a polling station in Mariupol on September 27, 2022. The sign read: “Referendum. We are coming home. Join! Vote!” Western countries rejected the referendums, arguing that the results were an excuse for Russia to annex four regions of Ukraine. (STRINGER / AFP via Getty Images)

Some network users said that Musk angered many Ukrainians and induced pro-Ukrainian groups to use the “biggest robotic attack” to alter the voting results. Musk replied that he didn’t care if he was popular or not. “What interests me is that hundreds of thousands of people could die unnecessarily for essentially the same result,” he wrote.

Russia is doing a partial mobilization. If Crimea is at risk, it will do a full war mobilization. The casualties on both sides will be devastating. Russia has more than 3 times the population of Ukraine, so it is unlikely that the ‘Ukraine win in an all-out war. “If you care about the Ukrainian people, seek peace”.

Ukrainian authorities and prominent personalities respond

Musk’s comments caught the attention of the Ukrainian government and some prominent figures.

Mikhail Podolyan, advisor to the chief of staff of the Ukrainian president, wondered if Musk was trying to legitimize “a pseudo-referendum under fire in conditions of persecution, mass executions and torture”. The billionaire denies the claims.

Zelensky even asked questions on Twitter, asking if netizens would rather support Musk in Ukraine or Musk in Russia? 82% voted first.

Musk defended his position in a direct response to Zelensky: “I am still very pro-Ukraine, but I am sure that a massive escalation of the war will cause enormous damage to Ukraine and possibly the world as well,” tweeted Special.

Garry Kasparov, former world chess champion and president of the Human Rights Foundation, accused Musk of trying to “reward Putin for years of war crimes with the blood and soil of Ukraine”.

Musk opposed the comment, emphasizing his help in Kiev: “We provided Ukraine with Starlink and we lost over $ 80 million in the process, exposing SpaceX and me to Russia. Serious risk of cyber attack.”

He asked Kasparov rhetorically, “What do you do besides tweeting?”

A Starlink broadband satellite system antenna donated by American tech billionaire Elon Musk to Izum, Ukraine on September 25, 2022. (Yasuyoshi Chiba / AFP via Getty Images)

Andrij Melnysk, Ambassador of Ukraine to Germany, criticized Musk saying: “Go away, this is my diplomatic response for you” and added: “The only result is that now no Ukrainians will meet again.TeslaNonsense. So good luck. “

But not everyone criticized Musk’s comments on the Russia-Ukraine war.

Venture capitalist David Sacks was surprised that Musk was accused of being pro-Russian because he “suggested only one possible peace deal” and even handed Starlink over to Ukraine.

“It shows how convoluted and intolerant public conversation has become,” Sachs noted.

In his response to Sacks, Musk repeated his efforts for Ukraine: “So far, the direct cost of SpaceX to enable and support Starlink in Ukraine is $ 80 million. Our support for Russia is $ 0. Clearly. , we support Ukraine “, Musk said on Twitter” The attempt to recapture Crimea will result in huge deaths, could fail and risk a nuclear war. This will be horrible for Ukraine and the planet. “

On 30 September 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks during a demonstration on Red Square in central Moscow. The event commemorates the occupation of four regions of Ukraine by Russian troops: Luhansk, Donetsk, Kherson and Zaporozhye. (ALEXANDER NEMENOV / AFP via Getty Images)

Russia is preparing to annex 4 regions of eastern Ukraine

In the latest development of the military conflict, the Russian parliament is ready to vote on the annexation treaties to formally place four regions: Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporozhye under the control of the Kremlin.

Western leaders have dismissed the vote to join Russia as a “hoax” as Ukrainian troops are retaking other parts of the country, including Lyman, a major transport hub in eastern Ukraine.

Ukraine also submitted an emergency application to NATO and Zelensky said he was ready to negotiate with “another Russian president (besides Putin)”.

“We are taking decisive steps to sign the accelerated NATO membership application”, he said in a video posted on Telegram, “Ukraine is ready to negotiate, but with another Russian president”.

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