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[NTDTV, ora di Pechino, 3 ottobre 2022]A few days ago, earthquakes hit Tianjin and Shijiazhuang, the capital of Hebei province. Internet video shows,Shijiazhuang earthquakeThe house shook violently when it happened, and the people eating in the restaurant exclaimed “Run!” and rushed out the door.

According to China Earthquake Networks, at 4:07 pm on October 2, a magnitude 2.2 earthquake occurred in the new Tianjin Binhai area (latitude 39.13 degrees north, longitude 117.63 degrees east) with a focal depth of 11 kilometers.

Due to the small magnitude of the earthquake, Tianjin residents did not feel much. Some netizens said on Weibo: “I didn’t hear it just now, but I was agitated in the afternoon.”

However, at 1:49 the next day, a 4.3 magnitude earthquake occurred in Pingshan County, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei (latitude 38.35 degrees, longitude 113.73 degrees east), with a focal depth of 10 kilometers. The epicenter was 40 kilometers from Yu County, Shanxi Province, 41 kilometers from Pingshan County, Shijiazhuang, 56 kilometers from downtown Yangquan, Shanxi, and 74 kilometers from downtown Shijiazhuang. The earthquake was felt in Pingshan County and surrounding areas.

According to the “Beijing News” report, the city of Shijiazhuang felt the earthquake more clearly, the city of Baoding, the city of Xingtai felt the earthquake. Local residents said they lived on floor 20. When the earthquake struck, the house obviously shook and the electric cars downstairs rang.

A local resident’s home surveillance took photos of the earthquake and the camera shook violently in an instant and a loud noise was heard around.

Another surveillance video showed that in a restaurant, people who were eating felt shaking, exclaimed “run!” and they rushed out the door to avoid security.

The online video shows that some houses were damaged by the earthquake and the walls were cracked, showing that the power of the earthquake is not to be underestimated.

There are also network users who shared their feelings and experiences about the earthquake on Weibo: “I said why the bed was shaking yesterday …” “I was woken up in the middle of the night by the shock. Before the earthquake, I felt shaking back and forth. Yesterday is because you are sleeping in the wrong direction at night or you feel like you are swaying from side to side.

“The animals are really super sensitive. About ten seconds before the earthquake, I heard two German Shepherds screaming in the yard. After I woke up, I felt the bookcase shake and then I realized there was an earthquake.”

“No wonder the stray cat came out shortly after seven and the neighbor’s dog all barked for a while. It turned out there was an earthquake …”

“Handan was shaking.” “I also felt the tremor here in Shanxi. Luckily it wasn’t that big. It woke me up in the middle of the night and I kept sleeping thinking it was thunder.”

“There was an earthquake in Shijiazhuang and the magnitude of this earthquake is not too small in rural areas. I hope everyone is safe!”

After the earthquake, the provincial government of Hebei initiated the response to the level IV emergency of the provincial seismic disaster from 4:20 am on October 3.

Some netizens said: “Shijiazhuang belongs to the seismic zone in northern China, at the intersection of the Jizhong plate and the Jinji plate in the northern China plate. It was formed in the Piedmontese fault zone of the NE-Taihang mountain of the movement. Yanshan, and crosses the Shijiazhuang area vertically. In this fault zone In the Xingtai area, there was a strong earthquake of magnitude 7 or higher, and Shijiazhuang, which is caused by this event, will inevitably experience an earthquake, I hope everyone can be safe. “

Weibo V “Ye Aimao”: “It happens in Hebei #Shijiazhuang earthquake#, magnitude 4.3, the epicenter was 10 kilometers away, the epicenter was near the city of Xiaojue, and the epicenter was clearly felt. Combined with yesterday’s 2.2 # levelTianjin earthquake#, the Tangshan seismic belt may be active, I hope this magnitude 4.3 is the largest magnitude of this series. “

In addition to the earthquake, there have been outbreaks in Shijiazhuang and Tianjin, which have been in lockdown for several days.

(Full report by reporter Luo Tingting / editor in charge: Wen Hui)

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