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MTA hires private guards to prevent tariff evasion

The MTA announces the hiring of security guards as part of an effort to prevent subway passengers from avoiding paying the fare.

The agency’s president, Janno Lieber, assures that this would help improve safety in the city’s public transport system.

“The vast majority of criminals are tariff evaders, so if we do a decent job of discouraging tariff evasion and stopping the people involved, we will catch a lot of criminals,” Lieber told board members during his monthly meeting. quoted by the New York Post.

“Not all tariff evaders are criminals, but experience has shown that virtually all criminals are tariff dodgers,” added Lieber.

The move to use private guards is now being tested at half a dozen stations, including Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Ave / 74th St. and West 4th St. It will be expanded at a rate of 50 additional guards per month, the Post, citing MTA officials.

Watch reporter Jennifer Cabana’s video for more details from Jackson Heights.

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