Motives for Killing Women in Tangsel Revealed After Buskers Are Arrested


Perpetrator murder The sadistic woman with the initials SL (35) at a boarding house in Serpong, South Tangerang, was finally arrested. Police reveal the perpetrator kill victims because they want to rob.

Incident murder it previously happened on Saturday (25/6/2022), around 02.00 WIB. The victim’s neighbors initially heard screams from the SL boarding house. When found, the victim was in critical condition.

A witness said the victim was rushed to the hospital, but could not be saved.

The police then collect evidence to uncover the murder case against SL. Police immediately identified the traces of the perpetrators.

Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of the South Tangerang Police, AKP Aldo Primananda Putra, said the victim was declared dead when he was taken to the hospital. Aldo said the victim could not be helped because he was bleeding.

“When they were taken to the hospital, they couldn’t help because they were bleeding,” he said.

Aldo explained that the victim suffered several injuries due to sharp objects on his body. Police suspect SL was murdered.

Shout for Help

Meanwhile, South Tangerang Police Chief AKBP Sarly Sollu said the victim had shouted that his room was visited by a male thief. At first the screams of the victim asking for help were heard by three neighbors at the location.

The witnesses then went straight to the victim’s room. When found, the victim was in critical condition.

“The victim was already at the door of the victim’s room covered in blood,” said Sarly, Saturday (25/6).

Three witnesses then reported the case to the police. The police have carried out the crime scene processing.

“When checking the location of the crime scene, blood was found scattered from the victim’s room to the front door of the victim’s room. We also found knife handles and blades stained with fresh blood in separate conditions in the victim’s room,” he said.

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