5 Hot Blooded Animals, Number 3 is Famously Ferocious

JAKARTAAnimal warm blooded is also called Homoiothermy, spelled Homeothermy. Animal hot Blooded have a stable body temperature because there are receptors in their brain to regulate body conditions.

In animals, the ability to maintain a relatively constant internal temperature is about 37°C for mammals, and about 40°C for birds, regardless of ambient temperature. Warm-blooded animals can stay active in situations where cold-blooded animals can’t move. Here are 5 warm-blooded animals, summarized by SINDOnews from the faunafacts page, Tuesday (28/6/2022).

1. Alpaca

Alpacas are native to South America and inhabit the prairies of Peru, Chile, Colombia and Argentina. Alpacas can also live up to an altitude of up to 13,500 feet, which has plenty of prairie.

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2. Bats

5 Hot Blooded Animals, Number 3 is Famously Ferocious

Bats are also warm-blooded animals that live all over the world, but tend to prefer warmer climates. Bats are known for their large wings that allow them to make quick and agile movements in the air. Bats eat insects like mosquitoes or fruit like bananas.

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3. Bear

5 Hot Blooded Animals, Number 3 is Famously Ferocious

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