Man’s Motive Confessing General’s Family During Mask Raid: Frighten

South Tangerang – The man with the initials RMBF (21), who went viral claiming to be the general’s family when the masks were raided in South Tangerang, he was named a suspect. What suspect’s motive claiming to be the general’s family? “Yes (scared), maybe like that,” said South Tangerang Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Iman […]

Covid-19 Patient Beds at South Tangerang General Hospital are Full

TEMPO.CO, South Tangerang – Covid-19 patient isolation beds at the city General Hospital (RSU) South Tangerang was full on Monday, June 28, 2021. All beds in the isolation ward and ICU are no longer available. “There is indeed an increase in occupancy, yes, it can reach around 19 Covid-19 patients who come in a day,” […]

Jealous Ex-Wife Has a Boyfriend

South Tangerang – Police arrested WH (35), the father who abuses his child of Serpong, South Tangerang. The motive for the persecution was because the perpetrator was jealous because his ex-wife, who was also the victim’s mother, remarried. “The results of the examination were jealousy, which led to the discharge of the child,” said South […]

Increase by 38, Positive Covid-19 Cases in Tangsel So 9,827

TANGSEL, – Covid-19 case at Tangerang South (Tangsel), Banten, until Sunday (4/4/2021) there were 9,827 cases. This number is known to have increased by 38 from the previous day’s data. Of the total cases, the Task Force (Task Force) Covid-19 South Tangerang confirmed 8,954 of them have recovered. Meanwhile, the total number of Covid-19 […]

Chronology of Husband and Wife Murder in BSD Triggered by Heartache

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Murder a married couple in a house in Perumahan Giri Loka 2 BSD, Serpong, South Tangerang allegedly motivated by the perpetrator’s hurt towards the victim. The police have arrested the murder suspect with the initials WA (22) on Saturday (13/3). According to the police, the perpetrator was a casual daily laborer […]

Chronology of Coolie Kills Couples in Tangsel, Fled to Bekasi until Arrested

South Tangerang – Couples (couples) in South Tangerang (Tangsel) killed a construction worker with the initials WA (22). It is known that the husband is a German citizen. The perpetrator killed the couple with an ax. Motif murder it is because the perpetrator feels hurt. The perpetrator admitted that he was often insulted. “The suspect […]

2 People Killed in BSD Couples, One Foreigner

SOUTH TANGERANG, – Two people found were killed inside the house at Perumahan Giri Loka 2 BSD, Serpong, South Tangerang, Saturday (13/3/2021), is husband and wife. The male victim had the initials K, while the female victim had the initials NM. K is a foreign citizen (WNA). “Yes, the two people are husband and […]

Black Traces of Men in Tangsel Revealed After Police Arrested

South Tangerang – A 10 year old girl in Pondok Aren, South Tangerang presumed molested by the man with the initials SA. The perpetrator has been arrested after the action viral on social media. SA was arrested by a joint team from the Pondok Aren Police and the South Tangerang Police in Kebayoran Lama, South […]