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MotionBanking BABP Melesat Jadi Favorit, Teddy Tee: One Stop Banking Services Apps in Your Hand! : Okezone Economy

JAKARTA – The other side of the test during the pandemic is the public’s demand for easy services that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime and anywhere.

This is in line with the Government’s desire to keep the economy moving, but of course, with security adjustments and movement restrictions to break the chain of the pandemic.

PT Bank MNC International Tbk (BABP) or MNC Bank, as a business unit of PT MNC Kapital Indonesia Tbk (BCAP) under the auspices of the MNC Group, provides solutions by presenting MotionBanking.

Since MotionBanking was introduced in August 2020 and officially launched in May 2021, users of the integrated banking solution application have continued to record improvements.

This can be seen from the number of downloads of the MotionBanking application available on the Playstore and Appstore which is very encouraging and has obtained a satisfactory rating value from its users. Various reviews were submitted by users, most of whom were satisfied and facilitated by the MotionBanking application, and they also provided many inputs for the development of the MotionBanking feature in the future.

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Teddy Tee, COO of Digital Business MNC Bank (BABP), said the MotionBanking feature will continue to be developed to provide “One Stop Banking Services Apps in Your Hand” and also provide security features that are carefully prepared by a reliable team.

In addition, we appreciate and pay attention to feedback from customers as well as reviews submitted through the Playstore and Appstore because these things are part of our desire to provide digital banking services that suit customer needs.

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The features available in the latest version of MotionBanking are more complete. Customers can take advantage of the fund transfer feature using the favorite menu and can schedule regular transfers, top up e-wallet, bill payments, MNC Bank Credit Card payments, and apply for credit card installments with 0% interest or low interest very easily.

Security is also a major factor in MotionBanking, thanks to the biometric login feature that allows access to MotionBanking with fingerprints or faces without the hassle of memorizing passwords and the transaction notification feature that instantly appears on the smartphone screen.

In addition to the sophistication of its features, another strong reason is that MotionBanking is one of the requirements to be able to participate in the MNC Bank Dahsyat Savings promo and get a discount promo code from MNC Bank Credit Card merchants which can only be obtained exclusively through the MotionBanking application.

Don’t wait any longer, Download the MotionBanking application on the Appstore and Playstore now for the convenience of your various banking services. For further information, please contact the call center at 1500 188 or www.mncbank.co.id.

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