Modivo and Eobuv opened the first Czech phygital store

With its original solution, the digital in-store platform Nanovo changes the standard purchase in a brick-and-mortar store into a hi-tech experience. Instead of shelves with clothes and shoes, customers in the store will find large-format displays presenting the current offer or tablets, on which they can search for and order goods according to the required parameters. You can then try the selected items in futuristic booths.

In the Prague store with an area of ​​1,800 square meters, over one hundred thousand available products are waiting for customers. You can choose from any of the 51 tablets. There are ten interactive test booths, where selected products from the warehouse located directly in the store are delivered within three minutes of ordering.

The booths also have a large screen. It displays the goods that the customer has chosen in the store on the tablet. A wall opens in the cabin, in which selected goods are stacked on hangers. Subsequently, the customer marks the pieces of clothing or shoes he wants to buy on the screen, however, he leaves everything in the booth and proceeds to the cash register. There, the goods you selected will be waiting for him there.

“The store we presented in Prague is our first realization outside our home country of Poland. However, the partnership with Modivo has no premiere, we gained common experience last year when we opened our first store in Warsaw, “said Piotr Badowski, CEO and founder of Nanovo, who personally attended the grand opening. “The success that the concept is reaping so far, as well as the interest of customers, is huge, and I believe that a similar scenario will come true in Prague,” added Badowski.

In addition to cooperation with MODIVO and brands, Nanovo has completed a number of successful projects with leading players in the retail market, in the Czech Republic such as Sephora, Cinema City and CCC, in Poland PKO Bank Polski, Żabka, Decathlon, O bag, mBank, Costa, McDonald’s and others.



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