Model had been missing for a year in New York. It was found in a slum

It was not long ago that the career of the Brazilian model Eloísa Pinto Fontes, 26, had begun to take on another dimension. He had signed contracts with Armani and Dolce & Gabbana, but in the meantime he disappeared. A year after being last seen in New York, she was found wandering in a slum in Rio de Janeiro.

It was found on Tuesday and the police said that those who located it were agents from Morro do Cantagalo, in Ipanema, in the south of the city.

Due to her psychological condition, she was referred to a psychiatric center, where she remains hospitalized.

The Municipal Health Secretariat of Brazil reported that details of his condition will not be made public.

What the media says is that the mannequin would live on the street. Francisco Assis, quoted by the ABC newspaper, says he has no explanation for what happened.

Eloísa Pinto Fontes is the mother of a seven-year-old girl, has eight brothers and was married to a former Russian model and producer.


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