Migrant camp – a frightening reality: there is information about the caste system, cases of exploitation, including sexual exploitation

According to the parliamentarian, the biggest problems are in the Rūdninkai camp.

“One of the problematic aspects that was discussed is the situation in the Rūdninkai camp. According to many, it is currently the most problematic, there are men who have arrived in Lithuania. There is information about the emerging caste system in some sense, cases of exploitation, including sexual exploitation, “said the politician.

TV Raskevičius explained that such cases arise mainly due to the fact that persons are accommodated in the camps mainly on the basis of gender.

“Single men are separated from mothers with children, from families. And they are housed in one place. This problem needs to be addressed by “zoning” accommodation. Migrants or groups of migrants with different ethnic or national backgrounds should not live together, but in certain separate areas of temporary accommodation. In this way, such cases could be avoided, “said the member of the Seimas.

The head of the Human Rights Committee said at the meeting after hearing the promise of the Ministry of the Interior (MIA) that the transfer of persons from temporary accommodation camps to permanent accommodation for the winter season will take this situation into account.

“In order to avoid such foci of emerging problems,” TV Raskevičius told LNK.

The politician said that we learn from our own mistakes.

“It is important to name certain problematic issues out loud, to acknowledge them,” said TV Raskevičius, the head of the Human Rights Committee.

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Police say they have launched an investigation into a possible robbery in the Rūdninkai camp. According to TV Raskevičius

“When it comes to accommodation for (illegal migrants, aut. P.) We need to understand that it is a closed type of institution. There different people live together for a long time. And there is, as we hear about various practices in prisons, this is a natural tendency to form in migrant accommodation as well. It is very important to recognize those practices and take all measures to prevent them, ”TV Raskevičius taught at LNK.

The chairman of the committee also hinted on the air of LNK about groups of migrants who no longer want to enter the Lithuanian border.

“We also discussed this issue in the committee meeting. VSAT provided information on one group currently on the border, it consists of 9 people. It is likely that these are Somali citizens – 7 women, 2 men. Belarusian border guards do not allow people into Belarusian territory Lithuanian border guards provide them with water, food. However, those people do not want to enter the territory of Lithuania, probably realizing that they will be accommodated in a temporary accommodation for a period of 6 months. And those situations are very problematic and very sensitive from a human rights point of view.

But I am happy with our officials who are helping those people. We are aware of similar situations on the Latvian-Polish border. It seems to me that Lithuanian officials behaves much more flexibly and with dignity “, – TV Raskevičius taught his position.

The chairman of the Human Rights Committee said that the people themselves must make the decision.

“We still have to think about the psychological and emotional condition of the officers. Because we need to understand that they do not allow people to enter the territory of our country, they do so by guarding the border of our state. Their workload is increased, those officers must be provided with care, emotional and psychological help, ”TV Raskevičius told LNK’s program” Good evening, Lithuania “.


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