Debate grows over covid-19 vaccines for students in New York public schools | Video | Univision 41 New York WXTV

19. from the white house, bidenordered to double the fines topassengers who do not useface mask.have children vaccinated.governor hochula warnswhat could I demand from the vaccinefor the return to the saon.isabel: yes, there is confusionand controversy, in thevaccination and the use ofmasks, the leaders likethe mayor di blasio, thegovernor and presidentthey want open schools.kathy hochul said add thecoronavirus vaccine tomandatory list is aopcón but first you wantparents do it forWill.the mayor di blassio opposesto the idea of ​​requiring the vaccine tothe children.all school staffmust have at least oneosis before starting.the mestrso say they believe thatthere are details that are notclear, have the teachers


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