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Meta’s New Chatbots: Celebrities Bring AI Assistance to Facebook

Since the moment of its creation, Facebook has undoubtedly remained one of the most important social networks in the world. In 2023, the network will be used by more than two billion people to connect with their friends, find out about current events and even contact companies and brands.

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That is why Meta focuses on constantly releasing updates and content that is on par with the latest technological advances on the market.

A few weeks ago, Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook and owner of Meta, announced that starting this year, his platforms will have new chatbots, programmed with generative artificial intelligence, that assist users with specific tasks.

The striking thing about chatbots is that each one is a character, and the image is played by a celebrity.

Some of the famous people whose faces personify the different chatbots are Snoop Dogg, who personifies ‘Dungeon Master’, a video game guide; Israel Adesanya as ‘Luiz’, MMA expert; Mr. Beast as ‘Zach’, the funny man; Kendall Jenner as ‘Billie’, the ‘older sister’; Naomi Osaka as ‘Tamika’, the manga master; Paris Hilton as ‘Amber’, the detective; among others.

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You can also see familiar faces in the advertisement photo, such as soccer player Sam Kerr, basketball player Dwyane Wade, adventurer Bear Grills, chef Roy Choi, athlete Tom Brady and influencer Charli D’Amelio.

How much did Meta pay celebrities for their image?

According to the American media ‘The Information’, Zuckerberg’s company had initially budgeted to pay up to one million dollars (approximately $4,226,990,000 COP) to celebrities for their appearance as faces of chatbots.

However, it seems that the biggest names were more expensive, since it is said that one of the famous people was paid the sum of five million dollars (approximately $21,134,950,000 COP) for the six hours he worked in the studio, recording the content for your character. It has not been revealed who she went to, but it is reported that she went to a content creator.

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In an interview with ‘The Verge’, Zuckerberg stated that he believes there is a great need for AI versions of celebrities, so that fans can, in some way, interact with them.

However, he explained that this is a project for next year, at least, since they must plan how to avoid brand problems, and that celebrities know that their image name will not be used for controversial statements.


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