Men and women, how much does Tina Cipollari earn? The mind-boggling figure

Tina Cipollari is, without a doubt, the backbone of ‘Men and Women’. Do you know what, according to rumors, his earnings in the program are?

Within the very famous transmission conducted by Maria De Filippi, Cipollari has in fact always been at the center of attention. Viewers have always loved his character, both for theenergy which he manages to emanate both for his own extreme sincerity, which has often also become excessive.

But do you know how much Tina Cipollari earns in the dating show that made her famous? Let’s find out together.

The income of Tina Cipollari: the amount you would never expect

The presence of Tina Cipollari is obviously fundamental in the program ‘Men and women‘, which certainly achieved great notoriety thanks to his important contribution.

There are those who cannot stand it, but there are also those who love it madly. There personality of Tina it is indeed very rare to find on the small screen, and certainly his did Sparks and it literally has conquered the great Italian public, which has continued to follow it for years.

His I earn it is obviously proportionate to his popularity, which certainly does not go unnoticed. According to some rumors, it seems that the very famous’vamp‘would receive between one thousand and two thousand euros per episode. In short, a really important figure!

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Tina Cipollari and her relationship with Vincenzo Ferrara

After the end of her marriage with the hairstylist Kikò Nalli, Cipollari has finally found thelove and, therefore, the happiness.

Today, Tina is indeed having an affair with Vincenzo Ferrara, a business owner which operates within the catering. The two are really a lot united ed lovers, and they certainly don’t miss an opportunity to share theirs with their fans everyday life he shots of their love.

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Meanwhile, Cipollari has also recovered the relationship with her ex-husband, with whom he now has a good bond of friendship, especially for the three children born of their relationship. Kikò is in fact always at the forefront of defend his ex-wife. “Fapart from an important path in my life and so it will be forever“, He revealed,”she is the mother of my children“.

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