COVID continues to spread, Yacho sports say they collapse SAT waits to discuss Trat before making a decision.

“The White Elephant Games”, the 36th National Youth Sports, which is hosted by Trat Province, 18-28 April, shows that he failed to compete as before. The SAT governor pointed out that the COVID-19 situation remains worrisome, especially in the eastern provinces. The SAT is waiting for the sector in Trat Province to agree to drain the water Before discussing to come to a clear conclusion again

Dr. Kongsak Yodmanee, Governor of Sports of Thailand, revealed that yesterday there was a meeting of the committee to consider the selection of the host of the 38th, 39th, 40th national youth sports event. National Games No. 49, 50 and 51 No. 1/2021, the essence of which lies in considering the suitability of the province that offers to host youth sports.

The Governor of SAT said that In the meeting and discussed yesterday No conclusions or resolutions have yet been finalized on whether to host a national youth sport or any other national sport, but after this. There will be another mutual consideration to drain the water in the next round. Because each province has to admit that each province is ready and unique. It is considered to cause embarrassment for the team to consider reasonable selection.

Dr. Kong Sat added that for the 36th International Youth Sports Competition “Chang Khao Games” that Trat Province will host between 18-28 April, this has not yet been announced. Postpone the competition But from the latest trend Considered to be possible Because of the COVID-19 situation In Thailand and in the eastern region is still a concern. And with a short period of time coming in, not much left It is possible that We have to postpone the 36th International Youth Sports Competition.

“however We will wait for the various sectors in Trat to meet and reach a conclusion. What to do Will it postpone? Before coming to discuss with SAT again To draw conclusions But up to here With the main concern of the COVID-19 situation That occurred in the eastern provinces Combined with the need to adhere to strict rules and regulations in many areas. Which many athletes from many places Must have been together for several days It makes him more inclined to have the same competition as before. “

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