Meatballs not only on a plate: Ikea offered her faithful a candle with the scent of a favorite dish

Lovers of meatballs from Ikey will now be able to enjoy this delicacy without having it on a plate. The American CNN informed that the Swedish furniture giant has prepared a limited series of candles with the scent of this popular dish for loyal customers. In the past, another popular chain has tried to attract customers to a similar product.

The “Huvudroll” candle, which smells like popular meatballs, was created in the United States to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Ikea Family loyalty card. The Swedish giant ranked it as wellby one of cen v lottery for members of this loyalty program.

According to the company, it hopes that these candles can entice other customers to sign up for the loyalty club. Unconventional candles with the scent of meatballs can, according to the American CNN win a total of 1925 winners. The event will last until August 22.

The Czech branch is not planning a similar event yet, so they are available exclusively in the USA. “Ikea does not plan to launch them on the Czech market yet,” Lucie Bergerová from the press department told Aktuálně.cz.

Candles with a non-traditional aroma of food are nothing new. Recently, they were also offered by the fast food chain KFC in the United Kingdom, specifically a candle with the scent of the popular sauce. All they had to do was register their name and e-mail address on their website and hope for a draw. Just over 200 of them were distributed.

The New Zealand branch of KFC has in the past distributed candles with the smell of fried chicken. At that time, there was a lot of interest in social networks for a limited number of pieces.



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