Mashhour Snape Ibrahim Al-Suwailem reveals the details of his condition after suffering from cancer and undergoing red chemotherapy • Al Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: The famous Ibrahim Al-Suwailem, in conjunction with the start of his chemotherapy journey from cancer, confirmed that he “does not fear death” and that “affliction is a blessing for the believer.”

“Al-Suwailem” said in videos that he broadcasts to his followers on “Snapchat” that he considers what happened to him “just a new experience”, indicating that he seeks to give them a “cultural journey” with his cancer experience.

He stressed that despite going through a “tiring and difficult” treatment, he considers his illness a new experience, similar to the experience of traveling for exploration.

The Saudi celebrity declared that the type of his treatment is “red chemical”, and stressed that what increases his patience for what he is going through is his “army” of followers.

Al-Suwailem said, “Everyone who is going to do something, I see what they can do. They bring a red chemical, destroy it. It terrifies if you see it. It stops its eyebrows and pierces what is in front of it (…)”

He declared that “he was given an anesthetic to be able to deliver the red chemical to the heart, because the body’s veins cannot tolerate it.”

Ibrahim Al-Suwailem gave a detailed explanation of the “red chemical” and how the body interacts with it, stressing that it is a “dangerous treatment” and may cause severe and severe damage to the patient.

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