Masahiro Higashide becomes a hermit! 7 months after independence, if you have a philosophical view of life without a worldly world, the irony of “Rather Chiyahoya”[dopo lo scoop]| Smart FLASH[光文社週刊誌]

In September, Higashide was in an abandoned school in Kansai.It’s a costume that showcases his beard and dark, tanned skin.

Autumn has finally arrived! Various news continues to make noise in the world. In such circumstances, among the articles of this magazine that have reported many scoops, we will follow up on the news that has had a particularly wide response!

“Recently, Mr. Higashide became a hermit.huntingBut now, when I have time, I go to the mountains near the Kanto region and hunt for wild boar and deer. He cuts the meat himself and enjoys gibier cuisine, leading a life “separated from the world”. (Show person)

 Masahiro HigashideIt was on January 18 that (34) she released a scoop on her independence from the “Humanite” agency she was affiliated with.

Actress in January 2020Karata Erika(25) withadulteryHigashide announced his divorce from wife Anne (36) in July. In October 2021, it was reported that he was dating a semi-beautiful woman in her 20s, but it turned out that she too had been invited to Hiroshima, where she was visiting for a film location, and stayed for three nights. consecutive. The criticisms have arrived.

Meanwhile, Higashide has finally become independent. At the time, Humanite responded to an interview with this magazine, saying, “There’s nothing I can say right now.” However, on February 15, he announced that he had terminated his contract.

Currently, Higashide works as a freelancer himself. In September, I witnessed the shooting in an abandoned school building in Kansai for the filming of the film “Fukudamura Incident (provisional)” directed by Tatsuya Mori (66). Appearing in a costume that clearly showed his dark tan skin, he showed off his wild impression of him with a “bearded man” makeover.

Higashide has undergone a complete transformation, but this is said to be influenced by the opening “life without worldly world”.

“Mr. Higashide said that while he lived a hunter’s life, he had more time to deal with his inner self. Interested parties)

Higashide has completely changed from a life of “adultery” and is becoming “a hermit”. However, ironically, the popularity of the surroundings is said to be increasing accordingly.

“Hearing that Mr. Higashide lives a hunter’s life in the mountains, he regularly receives visits from unsuccessful young actors from various agencies.

Among the young actors, Mr. Higashide has become an “eager big brother”. After marrying a popular actress, he flirted with several women. And I still live my life the way I want.

The actors who invited him said: “ That way of life is too good, so women won’t leave it alone! ‘, he says.

In terms of work, there appear to be various offers besides “Fukudamura Incident (provisional)”. Life in dealing with your inner self can have a positive impact on the acting industry. “(Film officer)

Will Higashide, who has entered “hermit mode”, be able to find a new way out?

( Smart FLASH

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