Krankl on the relationship with Rapid: “My blood is green” – football

Hans Krankl is and will remain a Rapidler. The now 70-year-old emphasized this again on the Sky program “Talk und Tore”. On Friday, Rapid let his “Hanse” cheer for the 70s. A separate event was set up, 1,300 fans came to Hütteldorf for the Goleador’s big anniversary. “You belong to Rapid like green and white,” […]

The American star is accused of theft. What happens to Taylor Swift?

The American pop singer, songwriter and actress is back Taylor Swift32, topping trending lists on the world’s most popular search site, Google. A US court has filed a lawsuit against Mr Taylor Swiftallegedly plagiarizing the lyrics of his song “Shake It Off”. Court Singer-songwriters Sean Hall and Nathan Butler’s lawsuit against Swift, accusing her of […]

China starts a dispute against the United States at the WTO

China has announced it has dropped a World Trade Organization (WTO) lawsuit against the United States over its restrictions on semiconductor exports, accusing Washington of jeopardizing global supply chains. In October, the United States, on behalf of the “national security” announced new export controls aimed at limiting Beijing’s ability to buy and produce high-end chips […]

The United States has successfully tested a hypersonic missile

The US military announced on Monday that it has successfully tested a hypersonic missile, a cutting-edge technology that China and Russia are also developing on their side. The AGM-183A ARRW hypersonic cruise missile was launched on Friday from a B52 strategic bomber off the coast of California and struck “a hypersonic speed five times the […]

12 good end-of-market deals for the Pro Team

If the cases of Axel Laurance or Nairo Quintana, see Mark Cavendish should not be included in this category of good deals for Pro Team formations, several other riders deserve special attention for all formations that would still have some budget to hire one or more runners. The Velo-Club editorial team has therefore selected a […]

Still Steaming “Panchan Rina” Shutdown Riot… “Problems in Martial Arts World” Praised by Mirai Asakura Even in 2nd KO | Smart FLASH[光文社週刊誌]

In August 2021, Rina Okamoto, also known as “Panchan Rina”, appeared at the “RIZIN” press conference (Photo: Tokyo Sports/Aflo) On December 5, the Hyogo Prefectural Police acted under the ring name of “Panchan Rina”.KickboxingPlayersRina OkamotoSuspect (28)he conson suspicionarrestdone. Okamoto participated in a limited poster handed out at the martial arts event “THE MATCH 2022” held […]

New York’s prestigious Metropolitan Opera claims to be the target of a cyber attack

TheNew York Metropolitan Opera declared the target of a cyber attack on Thursday, December 8 that hampered the functioning of its website, ticket office and call center. The prestigious opera house in America’s megalopolis of arts and culture has indicated that its “network problems” started on Thursday. Concretely, the scheduled performances will take place but […]

The United States indicts the “Russian agent” of fraud and money laundering

An alleged Russian agent, accused of involvement in attempted interference with the 2020 US election, was charged Wednesday in the United States with fraud and money laundering in connection with the purchase of luxury apartments in California. “This Kremlin accomplice has been sanctioned for attempting to poison democracy by demonstrating that he is willing and […]

the trade deficit widens to $78.2 billion in October

The US trade deficit widened further in October on the combined effect of a decline in exports and an increase in imports, mainly of raw materials, according to data released Tuesday by the Commerce Department. The goods and services deficit with the rest of the world was $78.2 billion, up 5.4% from August, with exports […]