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Marriage proposal when handing over the first Tesla Model 3 from China> teslamag.de

As announced Less than a year after the start of construction of its Chinese Gigafactory (GF3), Tesla handed over the first Model 3 electric cars produced there to its customers. For weeks there had been waiting for parking spaces around the GF3 hundreds of Model 3 and some were picked up by vans, The first electric cars now delivered went to Tesla employees – and one of them took the opportunity to propose to his girlfriend.

A video and photos of the handover ceremony and marriage proposal were published on YouTube and the Twitter account “Tesla China”. According to the information, initially only 15 Model 3 were delivered. Why Tesla did not hand over the finished model from the local Gigafactory to its customers before the end of the year remained open.

Tesla had only begun building the Chinese Gigafactory earlier this year. According to CEO Elon Musk, he has never seen a major project that was implemented so quickly. The production of the Model 3 in the GF3 also seems got going much faster than with the launch of the electric car, which was initially only produced at the Tesla headquarters in Fremont, California. According to Musk, Tesla had the difficulties of ramping up production there in summer 2018 brought to the brink of insolvency,

The problems in California are now under control and the apparently smoother start-up in China suggests that Tesla was able to successfully transfer the lessons learned at the main plant to the Chinese Gigafactory. According to the local production manager, the GF3 is already running 1,000 cars a week, as Musk’s target was this April by the end of the year. Later, the capacity is to be increased to 3000 electric cars per week (Model 3 and Model Y). The local demand is very good, said the China boss, according to the Bloomberg news agency.

At the handover ceremony including a marriage proposal by one of the internal customers, Tesla was also able to demonstrate one of the advantages of its electric cars. After the future husband had laboriously put on his bow tie, he motioned for a helper in the interior of his Model 3 to unlock the front trunk (“frunk”). Then he opened the hood, and beneath the cheers of the bystanders, a sea of ​​flowers appeared in the Tesla’s frunk.

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