“Apple is trying to ban jailbreak with new lawsuit”

The tech giant went to court in August because Corellium would violate Apple’s copyright. The company sells “virtual” Apple products, on which software can be tested without buying an iPhone or iPad. Apple thinks that the company therefore sells replicas of Apple products without permission.

According to Corellium CEO Amanda Gorton, the lawsuit is another attempt by Apple to ban jailbreak devices. “According to the indictment, Corellium is guilty of” illegal trade “because we make it possible to jailbreak,” she writes in a open letter. “All security researchers, app developers and jailbreakers have cause for concern.”

Jailbreaking an iPhone gives you access to the deepest layers of the system. This allows you, for example, to install apps outside the App Store.

New precedent

According to Gorton, Apple is not trying to attack her company, but to set a new precedent. Since 2010 It is legal to jailbreak your iPhone in the United States. By having it declared illegal in another case, jailbreaking could be further challenged in later lawsuits.

It is unclear whether that is actually Apple’s main objective: the tech giant has not yet responded to the open letter or the initiated case.

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